This Girl Can Play Piano In Her Sleep While Sleepwalking [Video]


A young girl in New Zealand is so good at playing the piano she can even do it in her sleep. Her amused parents recently caught her on video, playing a few scales while sleepwalking and she’s pretty good.

Living in Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand, 12-year-old Isabelle can be seen in the video slumped over the piano with her head resting on the wood and snoring gently as her fingers gently caress the ivories.

According to the Mirror Online, her father’s cousin, James Hodgson, recently uploaded the video footage to YouTube of his relative sleepwalking and getting musical. He says in the description that she sleepwalks “every now and then.”

“On one occasion, she once came out into the lounge sleepwalking and sang ‘Bicycle Race’ by Queen then went back to bed.”

“The next day she said she had a dream about singing with Freddie Mercury in front of a huge crowd.”

Hodgson added that while sleepwalking on this occasion she started playing the piano, but stopped and went back to bed and could remember nothing of it when she woke the next morning. According to the Telegraph it was apparent “that the girl’s subconscious is attempting to physically manifest a dream.”

It seems Isabelle’s piano lessons are working overtime on her subconscious and she can now rightfully claim that she has the ability to play the piano in her sleep.

Sleepwalking is a relatively common thing, as the Inquisitr recently told the story of a woman who sleepwalked over half a mile from her home in England down to the ocean, including traversing some steep concrete steps. She got a wake-up call when the salty sea waves entered her mouth and had no recollection as to how she got there.

It seems, however, that the condition could be genetic. Medical researchers have recently concluded that night terrors, and their link to the sleepwalking disorder in children, could be hereditary.

While in most cases, sleepwalking incidents tend to be more of the dangerous kind, as with the lady walking into the sea, sometimes the experiences can happen safely at home, as happened with the sleepwalking piano player mentioned here.

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[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]