US Drone Kills 6 Suspected Militants In Pakistan, Injures Others

Tensions between the United States and Pakistan are already tense and they won’t be helped along by a drone attack on Sunday that killed six suspected militants, including foreigners at a targeted girl’s high school in Miramshah.

The United States had stopped all drone attacks along the countries border region after Pakistan demanded the killings stop and that the US follow the countries own guidelines. It was the use of US drones and other US operations in the country has officials say have led to a “low point” in relationships between the two countries.

The US drone attack was initiated after tribal sources and Pakistani government officials acknowledged that militants had taken over part of the girls high school, turning the location into a compound and training facility.

Local tribesman Haji Namdar tells MSNBC:

“The death toll could rise as over two dozen militants were residing in the school building… Fire broke out immediately after the drone attack and engulfed the building. No one can go there to help and retrieve the bodies and injured from the building as three drones are still flying over Miramshah town.”

Other militants who had gathered outside of the schools buildings tried to help their fallen men but could not enter the school while others were injured by the bomb blast.

In the meantime Pakistan is attempting to have NATO supply lines through Pakistan re-opened which has given the US some leeway in carrying out attacks however Pakistan officials want the United States to respect its parliamentary process which is slow, bloated and at times appears pro-militant.