Microsoft Is Using Babies To Sell Windows 10

Microsoft wants to get the world ready for the advent of the Windows 10. Aside from getting the party started with its Upgrade Your World shindig, five new Microsoft Windows 10 ads have been released.

And in what might be taken as another sign of the Redmond-based company’s new mindset and strategy, the ads were less new features and more about babies – really cute babies.

It’s a given that some people would feel bamboozled by the appearance of babies in a Microsoft Windows 10 ad, but the company’s underlying message seems to be that the company is more in-touch now with technology’s more human side.

And what better way to show how human-centric a company is than by showing babies and focusing on how they will grow up in a better world – with Windows 10.

That much was seen in one Microsoft Windows 10 ad when a voiceover starts by telling viewers to imagine a world where “these kids won’t have to remember passwords, or obsess about security” amid shots of children from different parts of the world, from quiet villages to loud, bustling London.

Another Windows 10 ad says that children will be able to log in with just a smile and use devices where “every screen is meant to be touched, web pages are meant to be scribbled on and shared.”

The ads also took the novel approach of linking the operating system’s growth to the children, implying that as they grow and “get better at things,” Windows 10 will be growing with them too. People are taking this particular message to mean the new system will keep getting improvements at a fast pace, maturing as fast as babies.

This advertising approach is certainly a big deviation from Microsoft’s playbook. Instead of inundating the audience with the nitty-gritty details of why passwords are still relevant and important, the new Microsoft Windows 10 ad went for people’s heartstrings.

Of course, the company made sure to underline the importance of Windows 10 features like Hello and Cortona, the system’s personal assistant that will “learn all about” the user’s baby (and by extension, the family’s whole life).

Aside from those features, the Windows 10 boasts of a new Outlook, a better Windows Store, enhanced support for all devices and improved search experience.

Windows 10 will be officially launched on July 29, but it won’t reach all consumers yet. Some will have to wait a few days or even weeks before the free operating system will reach their devices.

[Image via YouTube]