Florida Police Chief’s Wife Killed Baby Boy With SUV

, the 51-year-old wife of Lake Alfred’s police chief has accidentally run over a family friend’s 22-month-old son in a parking lot, authorities have indicated.

While backing up her SUV, Pamela accidentally drove over Brady Hutto and killed him Friday night at Titusville High School.

Lake Alfred Police Chief Art Bodenheimer was quoted having said:

“We have been in close contact with that family. We are a close-knit community that has been impacted greatly. We ask for support and prayers.”

After the incident occurred, a witness attempted to perform CPR on the young boy to no avail. Hutto was whisked away to the hospital in an ambulance, only to be pronounced dead soon after his arrival.

Bodenheimer’s sport utility vehicle was confiscated as part of an ongoing investigation into the accidental death of the young child. In regards to the incident and driver Pamela, Titusville Police Major Todd Hutchinson was quoted by Y! News having said:

“It appears to be a tragic accident. She was absolutely devastated.”

The investigation could take up to one week. Hutchinson indicated that there is potential the driver could face a charge of improper backup.


The mother of the child was attending a softball game at Titusville High School when she journeyed to her vehicle to retrieve something. During which time, her son wandered away into the parking lot where he was killed by a reversing SUV. Hutchinson was quoted having said:

“She witnessed the car backing over her child. She yelled to get the driver’s attention, but by then it was too late. The most serious injury was trauma to the chest.”

Tragedies like the aforementioned death of young Brady Hutto can be prevented on a large part through the incorporation and utilization of back up cameras, also known as rear view cameras, in motorized vehicles such as Pamela’s SUV. Your typical back up camera is designed to eliminate the driver’s “blind spot,” which is where Brady was located prior to his having been run over.

Do you think it’s about time we incorporate rear view camera systems into our automobiles and bring these unnecessary tragedies to an end?