Details of Bar Brawl Released: Justin Hunter of TN Titans Posts Bond

An indecent at the Sandbar Raw Bar in Virginia Beach landed Justin Hunter of the Tennessee Titans in the Virginia Beach jail on charges of malicious wounding.

Officials told News Channel 5 that Hunter had turned himself in after he became aware of a warrant for his arrest for bar fight that took place at the Sandbar Raw Bar on July 3. According to the Toledo News, police responded to a “large fight” involving Justin Hunter.

The alleged victim of the assault, whose name has not yet been released, was taken to the hospital as a result of his injuries which consisted of a broken jaw and fractured tooth. Though the police were at the scene of the fight on Monday to clear the bar after the brawl occurred, the alleged victim of the assault didn’t press charges until Friday when a warrant was put out for Justin Hunters arrest.

A statement released by Titans stated, “We are aware of the situation and are continuing to gather more facts.”

Justin Hunter’s arrest comes amid a warning from Tennessee Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt that Hunter needs to,

“..either get it or you wont be in this league anymore,”

as frustrations about his unmet potential fuel Titan management reactions and create added pressure for the rookie wide receiver.

Justin Hunter, feeling the pressure of coach Whisenhut’s demands, reported to CBS Sports in a July 9th article that he knew he had some work to do,

“I know I have to produce,” Hunter said. “I am confident, but humble at the same time. I have a lot to do, and a lot to prove to coaches. I know that. I just have to stay in my lane and keep working.”

Hunter threatened to shine during his first season, displaying an amazing ability to whiz past and leap over players according to ESPN, but Justin Hunters stats in his second season look ugly, with only 28 passes per 498 yard completed and three touchdowns. Hunter’s health condition made matters worse, as some felt Justin should take a break after his spleen rupture in February. Hunter maintains he has fully recovered.

The added pressure on Justin Hunter in the wake of a make-or-break season may have contributed to the what sources say erupted into a brawl in Virginia that 4th of July weekend.


A few minutes ago AP- Sports reported Justin Hunter, the Tennessee Titans wide receiver, was grated $25,00 bond by Virginia General District Judge Daniel Lahne, on the condition he abides by a 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew and refrains from the consumption of alcohol or drugs. Justin’s official charges were malicious wounding.

Attorney Wendy Alexander revealed the details of how the fight transpired.

Apparently Justin interrupted a conversation a man was having with someone else. An argument began that led to Hunter punching the man in the face twice, after which “a melee ensued” and several people began fighting. The bar was then cleared when Justin Hunter “sucker punched” the man as he was bent over outside the bar, spitting out blood.

The man then went to the hospital over concerns of internal injuries, where it was found he had a broken jaw and a cracked tooth.

Justin Hunter’s attorney informed AP that Hunter would report to training camp soon.

[Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images]