Burglar Streams Worst Selfie Video Ever Using Victim's iPhone-Surveillance Cam [Video]

Antonio J. Newell

A Los Angeles burglar recently found himself on the wrong end of a selfie video. The resident used software to turn his iPhone into a streaming, surveillance camera.

It happened in Venice, California, near Paloma Avenue and Speedway. The burglar is said to have entered through the home's unlocked side door, as reports CBS Crimesider News. Though the burglar accessed the phone, the victim was able to gain remote access and get the video to police authorities.

The victim, Drew Rosen, said that other people were in the house during the invasion. He told Fox 11 News as follows.

"[It] is scary because my daughter was sleeping in the room next door, and I have a roommate who was sleeping in a room in the back. For them to be asleep in the house when someone comes through the house is pretty scary stuff."

The unnamed man took the victim's iPhone with him. Though the burglary suspect is reported as entering and exiting through the side door, Rosen admitted to leaving the front door unlocked when he left the house.

However, while not mentioned in the video interview, KTLA reports that Drew has two 15-year-old daughters, both of whom were in the house at the time of the burglar's break-in.

LAPD's Detective Gustavo Martinez mentioned to Fox 11 News that residents need to remember to keep all entrances locked, including windows. He states that it would help prevent issues like this from happening.

Authorities actually released the video to the public in hopes that someone knows the person and can identify him. They've provided contact numbers as well.

"You don't want the 'breaking into someone's house, getting the surveillance camera' selfie. That's a bad selfie."

What do you think about the burglary? Will someone come forth and identify him? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo Credits: Twitter/Facebook]