'Back To Future' Star Michael J. Fox Explains Why A Fourth Installment Is Unlikely For Him

Back to the Future, the film that began the iconic franchise and cemented Michael J. Fox's Marty Mcfly into the character of our idyllic future never managed to make a 4th installment. The Inquistr reported in June that Robert Zemeckis swore that it would be over his dead body, more or less, that a Back to the Future reboot would ever be made. To some extent, this makes sense because there are a lot of fans out there that loathe remakes.

However, just past the Back to the Future 30th anniversary, many fans are surely curious as to why the number four was never made. Well, according to Comicbook, Michael J. Fox had at least one reason, and fans might be saddened by his response.

"I wish I had a video, a gag reel of how many times I was hit by that freakin' door, the DeLorean door. Take after take, it would go, WHACK!"
'Back To Future' Star Michael J. Fox Explains Why A Fourth Installment Is Unlikely for him

Sadly, it was not just the doors that Back to the Future star Michael J. Fox hated about John Delorean's infamous car that would become an iconic time machine; he did not really like much about it at all.

"It was the worst thing to drive. It had two gears and I slammed the door, and my hand would smash into the flux capacitor. My hand would be bleeding, my head would be bleeding… and I had to clean it off to get to the Family Ties set."
Fox's experience with Doc Brown's time machine would appear to have left him a little scarred because it would apparently take an awful lot to put him back into the iconic Back to the Future car.
"The money it would take to get me back into the DeLorean again is a LOT."
Radio Times reports that Michael J. Fox did have kind words to say to Comic Con attendees who came dressed as some of the characters from Back to the Future just to attend the reunion of the cast.
"I've met people with their heart on their sleeves, and they love what they are, they love being together and doing the things they enjoy. And if that's a nerd, then that's what Marty is."
Perhaps, that made up for his verbal abuse of a classic movie car. Either way, Back to the Future holds a special place in the hearts of many who bought tickets movie tickets to to the films, bought the DVDs or watched it with their kids. There is only one minor complaint; Back to the Future has bred a generation of disappointed fans because Hoverboards are still only teased fiction.

Although, Michael J. Fox did have one item from Back to the Future 2 that might finally be produced for the consumer market; those hip, futuristic Nike shoes.

Perhaps, all is not lost.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see a 4th installment or a reboot?

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