Cheater's Birthday Surprise: Guy Gives Cheating Girlfriend Big Surprise For Her Birthday, 'Surprise' Goes Viral [Video]

Meaghan Ellis

One guy recently went out of his way to "surprise" his girlfriend on her birthday. However, his idea of a birthday surprise is much different than most people would expect because there was absolutely nothing romantic about it. Apparently, he recently discovered she'd been cheating on him so he opted for his own brand of revenge on her big day. Now, footage of the big surprise has gone viral.

On Friday, July 17, footage of a guy surprising his girlfriend on her birthday was uploaded to YouTube. The video begins with the guy walking his girlfriend into their home with a towel over face. As the two walk inside, he adamantly insists she keep her eyes closed as he sings, "Happy Birthday Bianca," as if he really has a tangible gift for her birthday. But, when she removes the towel to get a good look at her surroundings, she's baffled by his big surprise. Apparently, he'd boxed up all of her belongings so he could kick her out. When she asked him to explain his actions, he informed her that he'd packed all of her things because he'd caught her cheating on him.

Before she could even object, the video ended abruptly. Apparently, the ultimate surprise wasn't enough because he reportedly went a step further by uploading the footage via YouTube, reports Unilad. Although no one really knows what transpired after the video, that hasn't stopped the initial punchline from going viral. More than half a million viewers have watched the video on YouTube as it continues to circulate online. In fact, many viewers have even wished Bianca a very happy birthday.

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[Image(s) via YouTube Screen Captures]