Bill Cosby Deposition: What You Must Know

Bill Cosby, in an exclusive deposition reported by CNN taken 10 years prior during a civil suit, admitted his years of accosting women for sexual favors, with 25 stepping forward to give detailed accounts of his shameless trickery. Dating back to 1970, Cosby has lured numerous women backstage and into hotels, giving them drugs inside their drinks that would cause sleepiness and often times loss of memory. From beginning to end, this is what we know about Bill Cosby’s current state post-interview:

Deposition is deep. Real deep.

Sitting in an upscale Philadelphia hotel, Cosby gave his account of how his sexual rendezvous would transpire. From dinner to sex then more sex, Bill Cosby laid out the entire foundation of his romantic interludes with women, one case in which he slipped Quaaludes into coffee and had intercourse while the woman was unconscious. Another woman claimed Cosby offered $500 for each A she achieved in school, eventually giving her roughly $10,000 out of kindness.

Bill Cosby hasn’t been charged – yet

Back in May, Lili Bernard sought charges against Cosby amidst a litany of sexual abuse allegations. Since many of his interludes took place in states with shortened statute of limitations, many women will probably not see justice properly served. However, one crime took place in New Jersey, a state with an unlimited statute on rape. This could open the door for Bernard and anyone who proves Bill Cosby “unwittingly” approached them for sex and drugged them. It would take a preponderance of evidence to sway a grand jury to indict him, so don’t expect anything soon.

He hired a doctor to fill prescriptions

Because Cosby needed some means to commandeer Quaaludes, he found a Los Angeles doctor willing to write prescriptions – seven of them – and passed them off as “back pain medication.” Since this particular drug is common with kids at raves and similar college parties due to its hallucinogenic effects, Bill Cosby used it for purposes of obtaining sex. From there, he spent millions hiding the wrongdoing from his wife and media, which has now created the exact firestorm Cosby paid to avoid decades ago.

As the media landslide continues for Bill Cosby, more allegations undoubtedly will surface. It’s unclear whether criminal charges will ensue, but it stands to reason many prosecutors are scouring their law books for anything jurisprudential to prosecuting this case. Although many are defending the infamous Cliff Huxtable, thousands are prepared for justice to get served sooner than later.

[Photo by David A. Smith / Getty Images Entertainment]