Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Now Set To Compete With New MacBook Air And MacBook Pro In October

There have been many rumors about the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. However, there is finally a trustworthy source that has the possible release date. DigiTimes has the news.

“Following the recent market rumor that Microsoft has placed a large order for Samsung Electronics’ 256GB solid state drive (SSD) to be used for its new Surface tablet, the related upstream supply chain reportedly has recently been notified to start mass shipments of components in September with the tablet estimated to become available in the market in October.”

DigiTimes goes on to note that the new Surface Pro tablet will feature the same ultra-thin form factor, bezel size, and 12-inch display of the Surface Pro 3. However, it will be updated with Intel’s new Skylake processor and Windows 10.

It looks like the Surface Pro 4 could compete with the 2016 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, which are rumored to start making an appearance during the 4th quarter of 2015. Venture Capital Post suggests a possible October release for the new MacBook Air and believes the base model is expected to offer 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. There is also a step-up model with a 256GB SSD and a model with a Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM, and a 512 SSD.

Other sources believe that Apple will finally upgrade the MacBook Air with a Quad HD Retina screen. The 2016 MacBook Air will also allegedly be thinner (if that’s even possible). It’s possible that if Apple may wait until Christmas season, when the Intel Core M-based Skylake processors will be available in large quantities.

Besides the release of the 2016 MacBook Air, the 2016 MacBook Pro could also see a fall release. Gotta Be Mobile believes that one should definitely hold off until the 2016 version comes out.

“The 2016 MacBook Pro will no doubt include yet another performance boost over the 2015 model, but that’s not the main reason as to why you should wait for the next refresh. The real reason is because of the new 12-inch MacBook that was released earlier this year.”

Gotta Be Mobile believes that the new MacBook Pro will take on some of the incredible design aspects of the new MacBook, including the thinner design and all-in-one USB-C port, which many believe represents the future of computing. They also believe the new MacBook Pro may have a Thunderbolt port, as well.

Which device are you most excited about? Is it the Surface Pro 4, the MacBook Air, or the new MacBook Pro? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images]