CEO Trailer Park: Tony Hsieh Lives In A Las Vegas Trailer Park With His Pet Alpaca

Which CEO lives in a trailer park? Tony Hsieh.

According to Mail Online, the Zappos CEO – who is worth $820 million – lives in an airstream caravan in Las Vegas with his pet alpaca. Tony Hsieh enjoys living the simple life, despite being able to afford just about any mansion he wanted anywhere in the world. Hsieh owns the trailer park, and moved there about a year ago.

“The ‘trailers’ are gorgeous silver Airstream caravans, which retail for $48,000 for a 2013 model. Thirty homes are are lined up in a neat row, each with about 200 square feet of space. And they’re home to like minds as the trailer park tends to attract Silicon Valley computer programmers who live in the trailer park temporarily. Units have two TVs, Bluetooth stereo systems and wood paneling, though the size of the showers reportedly makes it difficult for large adults to bathe.”

As a CEO in a trailer park, Tony Hsieh has decided to name his community. According to Business Insider, “Llamapolis” is just part of Hsieh’s $350 million investment aimed at “making Las Vegas a metropolitan city with thriving business and entertainment scenes.”

Aside from the CEO living in a trailer park, Tony Hsieh is known to be very frugal. He doesn’t live above his means, and is very interesting in investing his money rather than spending it on pricey things (like a big house).

“Money is just a way for Tony to get to his endgame. Money just doesn’t matter to him. If he only had a million dollars left, he’d spend $999,999 to make Vegas work. He would be just as happy with a dollar in the bank and being around people he cares about and care about him,” said Zappos investor Erik Moore.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Hsieh has big dreams for this project, and he is determined to see his ideas succeed.

“While it sounds like a strange choice of accommodations for a successful company CEO, this ambitious visionary has plans to breathe life back into downtown Vegas. Even before the housing crisis of 2008 that led to record foreclosures, the area was suffering from blight.”

[Photo by Bryan Steffy / Getty Images]