Chris Brown’s House Robbed By Four Close Friends Who Knew Of $50,000 In Home Safe

Previously, Chris Brown’s house was robbed, as reported by the Inquisitr. Brown was out at a club during the incident, but Chris’ aunt was at his Tarzana home in the Los Angeles suburb when she heard a noise outside and eventually faced three men who locked her in a closet of the San Fernando Valley home. The robbery at Chris’ house happened around 2 a.m. PT on a Wednesday morning, and now comes news via TMZ that the guys who muscled their way into Brown’s home were likely close friends of the singer, including a club promoter.

Initial reports didn’t mention what was stolen from the home in detail, but TMZ says that those who robbed Chris’ house more than likely knew that Brown had $50,000 in a safe in the home, since he’d just been paid for an appearance. The robbery might have also involved gang members from the Bloods street gang, so the gang unit of the L.A. police force is also involved in the investigation.

It was a theft that prompted Chris’ mom to warn him via Twitter to watch out for those folks standing beside Brown. Meanwhile, the “Mom Breezy” Twitter account of Joyce Hawkins seems to include lots of references to Chris and her reported strained relationship with her son.

For his social media part, Brown has posted a new and adorable photo of his daughter, Royalty, on Instagram.

Chris has been warned to be leery of those close friends who are wolves in sheep’s clothing, and both Brown and the police believe that his friends are the ones who robbed his house. Brown has reportedly had an intervention of sorts — with people surrounding Chris telling him to cut off those friends who were a part of the robbery.

Since only a handful of people knew about the $50,000 in cash that Chris was paid for the appearance, cops believe the club promoter masterminded the whole robbery. Normally, Brown doesn’t usually have such large sums of money in cash lying around, reports TMZ.

[Image by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for NYLON]