'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska Rocks Ripped Jeans & Biker Jacket To Share Diet Shake Faves, Wants Her 'Bod Back'

Chelsea Houska has admitted that she isn't quite back to her pre-baby body. The Teen Mom 2 star's Instagram stories yesterday shared what she enjoys eating in the effort to stay slim. The footage also doubled as a reminder of her great fashion sense.

Chelsea's stories opened with her arriving at Profile Sanford, where she spoke into the camera in front of a storefront bearing the diet plan brand's logo.

"Hello everybody... ok...so I am walking into my Profile appointment... I've been getting a lot of questions about it lately and people wondering if I still use it and I do... 100%, especially after nursing 'cause I want to get my bod back..."
The initial footage afforded a view of the star's cute outfit, although fans did have to wait until after Chelsea had showcased her favorite products to catch her entire look. Chelsea was rocking a ripped pair of blue jeans and a beige sweatshirt with shredded detail along the neckline and front pocket, which was topped with an edgy black biker jacket. The star's trademark headwear also made an appearance as she wore a black fedora.

Chelsea then took her followers inside, offering her fans a guided tour of Profile Sanford's food shelves. Her smartphone took in ice cream and frozen meals, then focused on two specific diet aids as she filmed rows of Profile bars and shakes in various flavors.

The mom-of-three shared that her favorite bars included Chocolate Marshmallow and Creamy Peanut Butter.

"Yum, highly recommend," Chelsea said before showcasing the brand's shakes and talking about them.

"My favorite shakes are the Chocolate Brownie... I love the Vanilla Cake Batter and Mint Chip and Mocha. Those are my favorites. And I mix them with coffee usually."
Chelsea then posted a fun and animated video of herself dancing with bright orange bags, presumably filled with goodies from Profile, while grinning for the camera.

Later, the Teen Mom star did a promotional post for her feed which likely earned her some cash. In the photo, Chelsea ate the plan's ice cream as she rocked the same outfit she'd worn in her stories. She mentioned the ice cream in her caption, which also offered a discount code to any of her followers interested in signing up for Profile's plan.

No matter the reason for the post, the story was likely a treat for the star's fans in terms of finding out exactly which flavors are her favorites.