New Alert App Is First To Implement Real-Time Apple Health Kit Data

Alert by HelpAround - Image courtesy of HelpAround

HelpAround, Inc. has put Apple’s Health Kit data to use in the form of an emergency alert app — and it works a little bit differently than you might think.

The Alert app lets users with chronic medical conditions manually contact and conference with those contacts added to their most trusted list during moments of physical or emotional distress. As an example, let’s take a look at how the app works for a diabetes patient. When Alert is installed on an Apple iOS device and has access to Apple’s Health Kit glucose data, the Alert app can notify its user to send a message or alert user’s contacts when an incoming glucose reading is outside a predefined range.

Although the app claims to be one of the first to process Apple Health Kit data, the Alert app is available for download on both iOS and Android mobile phones. Both the Apple App Store and Google Play offer the basic app for free, which includes one text message and three conference calls. After using up the free trial, a subscription service is available to purchase for $9.95 USD per month. Unlimited calls are included in the subscription price. Contacts do not have to have a smartphone to receive alerts. However, subscribers should be aware that the Alert app does consume data from the user’s data plan and requires GPS location services.

As part of the app’s preferences, the user can choose to activate an alert by shaking the phone or tapping the app’s large, red alert button. After the preferences are set, the user has five seconds to send a text message to up to three persons on their emergency list. The app sends the message, along with the GPS location of the user’s location, prior to initiating the conference call.

The company behind Alert is HelpAround, Inc. According to their official website, their catalog of existing mobile products utilize data and mobile technology in an effort to improve the lives of chronic patients by delivering products and services that meet the specific needs of patients with specific health concerns and conditions. HelpAround’s first product, Diabetes Helpers, used patient data and passive contextual data to pair people with diabetes with helpers in their local area. In contrast, Alert simply makes it quick and easy to contact and conference with trusted contacts in an emergency before reaching out to the community.

[Images courtesy HelpAround]