NC Governor Orders Increased Security At National Guard Facilities While 6 Governors’ Order Guardsman To Be Armed

Governors in at least six states ordered National Guard troops to arm themselves while the governor of North Carolina order increased security at all National Guard facilities. The increased security measures came as a result of the Chattanooga shooting deaths of four Marines and a Navy sailor in Tennessee last week at a Marine recruiting station.

The six states so far that have ordered National Guard personnel to arm themselves include Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Indiana. As reported at Military, Governor Rick Scott issued an executive order taking the measures one step further and ordering recruiters into National Guard armories for increased protection. Although the Army’s top general, Ray Ordierno, said it was too early to tell if the increased measures were necessary, Scott told CNN that recruiting centers could be targets.

“We’ve got to understand that you know we have people in our country that want to harm the military. They need to be safe and they need to be armed.”

As governor, Scott has the power to order National Guard personnel to carry weapons without requesting the approval of the federal government. Although the Chattanooga shooting hasn’t been linked to an Islamic terrorist group, Scott said full time National Guard members would be armed to protect against threats made by ISIS.

While Major General Gregory A. Lusk, the ranking member of the North Carolin National Guard, requested views from the troops, Governor Pat McCrory tweeted that he requested increased security at National Guard facilities. Both Governor Greg Abbott of Texas and Governor Bobby Jindal called for arming their guardsmen while Jindal also called for President Obama to arm active duty troops.

As the governors of these states ordered the guardsmen to arm, Buzz Feed News reported that the National Guard had suffered a major security breach that may have affected troops as far back as 2004.

Governor McCrory told WNCN that it was important to protect those who protect us.

“We will be vigilant in protecting those who protect us,” McCrory said. “These men and women are putting their lives on the line to serve our country and it’s our responsibility to ensure everything that is within our power to do for their safety is done.”

What do you think about the governors of these states arming full time National Guard troops? Do you think all governors should call for increased security and armed troops?

[Photo Credit Florida National Guard]