Jamie Lee Curtis Went As Cosplay ‘Street Fighter’ Character To Get Into Gaming Tournament

Jamie Lee Curtis might just be the coolest mom on the face of the planet. The actress recently attended the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) fighting game tournament with her son. In order to go to the event without being recognized, she went in a disguise that was good enough, we don’t even think her best friends would have recognized her.

It turns out that Jamie Lee Curtis decided to go as the masked figure Vega, who wears a mask in the Street Fighter game. It was the perfect costume for someone who wanted to make sure they weren’t standing out from the crowd. It wasn’t until Jamie Lee Curtis let her fans on Twitter know that she had gone to the event, by showing herself just holding the mask in order to divulge the costume she had donned, that fans knew she was present at the event. One has to wonder if there was any kind of campaigning going on in order to get her to go to the event.

It appears that Jamie Lee Curtis and the rest of her family were pretty psyched to get into costume and attend the biggest fighting game event in the world. Some people go to the conference in order to actually enter and compete. The actress and her brood were likely there just to check out the goings on. It appears, judging from her tweet, that this was actually a graduation present for her son.

In reality, it appears that she is a Street Fighter fan all on her own. The actress, who has been doing all kinds of cool mom things the last couple of months, said she fell in love with the game after she was introduced to it by her son. In one recent interview, she had actually mentioned that she was thinking about doing just this event in order to celebrate her son’s graduation. The other “cool mom” event she recently took part in was when she went to Comic Con in order to talk about the upcoming horror-based television series that is going to be airing on Fox this fall. Long thought of as one of the original Scream Queens, she will now be appearing in a show with that title. Jamie Lee Curtis is every geek’s dream when it comes to moms.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]