El Chapo Offers $10M To Any U.S. Citizen Willing To Give Him Shelter, ‘$10 Million Dollar’ Hoax Goes Viral

Do you want to get your hands on $10 million dollars? Apparently, there’s a way to get it, and there’s only one requirement, but don’t get thrilled too soon because, unfortunately, there’s a slight catch. According to Huzlers, a satirical site, a Mexican publication known as El Publimetro Informado, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is offering $10 million dollars to any U.S. citizen who will gladly give him shelter in the wake of his recent escape from prison.

It has been reported that El Chapo, who is considered one of the world’s most dangerous drug lords, has released a public service announcement to cartels in both Mexico and the United States. The announcement details El Chapo’s request and the staggering amount he’s willing to offer to a person who’s willing to comply with his request.

Here’s the announcement, via NewsWatch-33.

“It’s time we ban together to protect El Chapo. It is important for our people to remain strong through the American media disrespecting to our people and culture. El Chapo’s escape from prison was the first step in our place as Mexican people. The Sinaloa Cartel, with the permission of El Chapo, is offering $15 million to any Mexican-American willing to provide a safe haven for El Chapo. We will give $10 million to any American person willing to help El Chapo, and $7 million dollars to anyone who can successfully get through Chapo US-Mexico border undetected. Send this message to all members.”

Disturbingly, a staggering number of excited social media users have taken to Twitter offering to house the wanted fugitive. Some have even stated that they’ll take a lesser amount, as it would be more than they already have. Needless to say, there’s an overwhelming number of U.S. citizens willing to welcome El Chapo into their homes with open arms. However, it’s probably safe to say many Twitter users find the seemingly outrageous story comical and have not taken the claim seriously.

Here are some of the outrageous tweets:

So, would you let El Chapo stay in your home? Well, regardless of what your answer is, it doesn’t matter because the entire story and “official announcement” is false. The sites reporting the claims are all satirical and published for the purposes of social media entertainment only. Although El Chapo is still at large, he has not offered to pay anyone for shelter.

[Image via Mexican Attorney General’s Office]