Jack Osbourne And Wife Open Up About Losing Baby, Feel Lucky For Another Chance

Sharon Osbourne's only son, Jack Osbourne, recently became a father to his second daughter, Andy Rose, last month. The reality star opened up about what it's like having another child and how blessed he feels after losing a baby.

Hello! reports that Osbourne, 29, opened up about his life with his newest addition, who joined big sister Pearl, 3, on June 13. Osbourne admits he finds how he could have such love for another child after having so much overwhelming love for his oldest daughter.

"Pearl is such an awesome kid and we can already tell that Andy's amazing. It's the weirdest thing when you already have one child, who you love so much. I look at Pearl and I think, 'How can I have this twice?"'

Jack's wife, Lisa Stelly Osbourne, 28, agrees. She revealed that after losing a child to miscarriage in 2013, they waited a year before trying again, and although it was a heartbreaking ordeal, they feel blessed and lucky to have another chance at parenting.

"Losing a baby really does do a lot of damage personally and to the whole family. I needed to take some time and come to terms with our loss. I'm really glad we did. When I got pregnant, I was fully prepared. It wasn't like a Band-Aid. I still have moments here and there, of course."
Grandmother Sharon Osbourne, 62, who recently returned to The Talk show after a month's hiatus, is said to be infatuated with her newest grandbaby, referring to her as "peanut."
"She's like a precious little peanut -- I'm just so happy. This is what it's all about, isn't it?"
Jack and Lisa both seem to cherish their parenting roles. Lisa recently joked on Twitter that the party isn't over, as she is up at all hours changing diapers and feeding the new baby.
Jack's sister, Kelly Osbourne, 30, is also enjoying being a part of her nieces' lives. Last month, she posted an Instagram picture of Pearl sporting purple "chalk hair." Jack was quick to point out that he wouldn't ever dye a 3-year-old's hair permanently.


Meanwhile, Jack, who celebrated his 12th year of sobriety earlier this year, is gearing for the premiere of Silent Run, which is slated to be released in 2016. Jack plays the supporting role of Dick Dorgan, in a film that centers around a silent screen actress, Gabriella Guglielmi, played by Isabella Rossellini.

For updates on Jack Osbourne, Lisa, and their children, be sure to check out their Instagram accounts, where the couple shares adorable pictures and updates of their family.

[Photos Courtesy of Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images & Instagram]