Is Zayn Malik Bad For Perrie Edwards? Psychic Foretold Relationship Details

Is Perrie Edwards only staying with Zayn Malik because of a psychic?

Sadly, Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik often have to deal with the fact that other people think they should not be together. In some cases, it is simply the voices of desperate fans that wish to have a relationship with Zayn Malik and see Perrie Edwards as a threat.

However, fans also read headlines where Perrie Edwards is commonly told by the people around her that Zayn Malik and marriage is in some way bad for her -- and bad for her career.

Despite this, Perrie Edwards continues to hang on to her relationship with Zayn Malik, and it may be due to some advice that she got from a psychic several years ago.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it was only a short period of time ago that Perrie Edwards was under fire for being with Zayn Malik. Sony and her other bandmates in Little Mix were allegedly telling Perrie Edwards that Zayn Malik was bad for her career.

The Daily Star reported on April 5 that insider sources close to Perrie Edwards, Zayn Malik, Little Mix, and Sony stated the following.

"[Zayn Malik] has been warned not to inadvertently screw things up for Little Mix or fiancee Perrie Edwards by becoming too much of a distraction. There are some at Sony and in the Little Mix camp who are worried lovesick Zayn Malik will become a Little Mix groupie now he has so much spare time on his hands."
What had Sony and Little Mix the most worried about Zayn Malik's influence on Perrie Edwards is restated in the following.
"Zayn has told Perrie he wants to prove his love by spending a lot of time with her but they are worried he will become like a groupie for them. The last thing Little Mix need now is distractions. The next 12 months are crucial for their continued development from UK girl group to international stars."
Although many of these claims were dismissed by Zayn, there was still questions that Zayn Malik might be toxic in some way for Perrie Edwards -- even if it is not necessarily his fault.

In fact, it might be Perrie Edwards' fault that she is not that great at balancing a career and a potential family with Zayn Malik. In an interview around July 12, Orangeville quoted Perrie Edwards saying that she doesn't exercise -- and stated, "During my time off, I love to get pampered. I also love to relax and watch TV. I'm all about the chilling."

Now, the criticism towards Perrie Edwards and what she does with her life with Zayn Malik has grown stronger. In particular, The Spec reports on July 14 that her friends are insinuating that Zayn Malik is a bad influence because Perrie wants a "jet-setter lifestyle" -- and she is pushing for a baby at the same time.

Instead of being focused on creating a family with Zayn Malik and being a music star -- Perrie Edwards' friends think it is important that she does not try to take on such a big burden and do both at the same time.

The Star quotes Perrie Edwards' friends around mid-July as saying, "Having a baby at 24 is quite young and her jet-setting career isn't ideal for raising a baby. She doesn't need to rush into motherhood - she's got plenty of time for that."

In the meantime, it appears that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards may be doing careers and family life at the same time anyway. Along with buying a mansion outside of London, Perrie Edwards let it drop around July 1 that she might be doing a collaboration with Zayn Malik.

J-14 quotes from a print-only edition of We Love Pop that Perrie Edwards said the following around mid-July when asked if she would do a collaboration with Zayn Malik.

"Imagine. He's always been a fan of ours, which is really lovely. It depends what he wants to do, and he's still deciding that. But I guess you never know."
However, no matter what, Perrie Edwards may choose to stay with Zayn Malik because of an experience with a psychic many years ago.

According to a July 12 report from UnReality TV, Perrie Edwards visited a psychic before she garnered fame from X Factor -- and the psychic told her all about Zayn Malik.

How accurate was the psychic? Perrie Edwards was quoted as saying that everything the psychic told her about Zayn Malik has since been "bang on...".

Specifically, the psychic stated that Perrie Edwards was going to "end up" with Zayn Malik, but Perrie should also expect a little bit of trouble from Zayn. Perrie Edwards also stated, "[The psychic] told me about everything [about Zayn Malik]; what he looked like, what his personality was going to be like."

Since many of this psychics predictions have come true, perhaps this is the reason Perrie has been so diligent about staying with Zayn -- no matter what.

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