Bill Nye Movie: Documentary Will Follow Science Education Advocate As He Promotes Science In Washington D.C. And Around The Globe

Bill Nye, who gained an adoring following as “The Science Guy” in the 90s, has always been a promoter of science education. Nye has worked on several projects since, though perhaps the biggest headlines he’s drawn since have been for his big debate with Ken Ham on evolution. Nye has also done a variety of educational short videos produced for the web and has talked to politicians about incorporating science into their decisions. Now, he will be the subject of a documentary as he continues to promote science education and the incorporation of real science into policies.

The Bill Nye Film is being funded as a Kickstarter project. It aims to include footage of Bill Nye promoting science in a number of ways:

  • Debating climate change deniers
  • Advocating for policies that protect space programs
  • Launching a satellite with a unique propulsion system that could revolutionize space travel

Bill Nye was warned by many scientists, educators, atheists, and others not to delve into debate with Ken Ham, but after much thought, he came to the conclusion that he could do so by managing his argument in certain terms, and not allowing himself to be thrown off his thesis. Nye admitted that Ham’s most entrenched followers would shut their ears to the facts he presented, but believed that perhaps he could still take his points to some listeners — particularly to the youngest members of the audience.

In debating climate change, Nye — who has shown himself to be skilled in debate — may be able to do the same. Opposing deniers whose key arguments hinge on such facts as “winter is cold,” Nye could present data that many members of the public aren’t aware of, in the simple but thorough style that has made him able to reach generations of children.

Bill Nye has had another recent Kickstarter success: his LightSail. With the Planetary Society, Nye crowdfunded a small spacecraft that operates in part on solar power. The test flight launched in May, and one part of the Bill Nye documentary will focus on the 2016 launch of a second Lightsail — one that Nye and the Planetary Society hope will successfully escape the Earth’s atmosphere.

Attempting to convince lawmakers to take established science into account on matters like environment and space isn’t new to Nye, who in 2013 presented the below “open letter” to President Obama, pleading for the protection of the U.S. Space Program.

The new film will cover Nye continuing to advocate for programs that explore space, and for the U.S. to lead in that exploration.

The project has already received over $150k of its goal of $650k, in just a few days. If fully funded, The Bill Nye Film is slated for release in 2017.

[Photo Credit: Will Folsom]