Arizona State Student Attacks Peaceful Protestor: Probably Shouldn't Have [Video]

An Arizona State student that attacked a peaceful Christian protestor has become something of an internet celebrity this week after video of the incident surfaced from 2014.

The conservative blog, Young Conservatives, found the video and helped take it viral on Sunday. By now, you've probably seen it turn up on your Facebook feed if you have any conservative friends.

At the beginning, the ASU student comes after a man, who is holding a sign that speaks out against homosexuality. While it's hard to see the exact content of the sign, some who commented on the video and claim to have been close to the situation say that the sign said something along the lines that all gay people were going to Hell.

Not a popular message in a country that now, for the most part, supports same-sex marriage, but it's still not an illegal view to hold.

What is illegal, however, is physically attacking someone, and unfortunately, that's what happens in the video when the Arizona State student decides that he no longer wants to see the sign.

After putting his hands on the Christian protestor, one of the older men with the sign-holder steps up and throws the ASU student to the ground.

He gets up and shouts a ton of obscenities and questions the man -- "Mark" -- on what he's doing by acting in self-defense.

"You're supposed to be Christian!" he screams. "I don't like you! Your sign is f***ing offensive! That's hate speech! It's provoked assault!"

The outburst has attracted thousands of views and comments since the YC story ran, and there is even an "Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!"-type dance remix. Both are included below.

The first is intense; the second, hilarious. Warning: both are NSFW due to graphic language.

Some of the commenters stood up for the Arizona State student, noting that he appeared to suffer from autism, but one commenter who claimed to have autism shut that down.

"I have autism, and even I know that that kind of behavior is f***ing reprehensible," the commenter said.

He continued.

"I would have tackled the kid and held him down. He is old enough to be in college. If his parents haven't taught him that hitting people is wrong -- which is something most people learn in grade school -- then that's their problem. Autism is not an excuse for such b*******. He is old enough to have learned already that he can't attack people just because he doesn't like something. Autism doesn't put people in a permanent state of childish behavior."
Do you think the Arizona State student in the video was out of line? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via Wikipedia Commons]