Jamie Lee Curtis, Incognito At EVO, Gives ‘Scream Queens’ Sneak Peek With Lea Michele & Emma Roberts [Video]

Jamie Lee Curtis went incognito to the Las Vegas EVO Championship Series in a Vega costume from Street Fighter. With her family faithfully by her side, Jamie Lee succeeded in keeping her cover while having a great time with Curtis’ incognito masquerade, reported E! News.

But fans of Jamie Lee found out, because Curtis gave away the secret herself on social media after the family fun at the fight-game tournament extravaganza.

“Grad trip to @evo2k. 2 stay incognito was Vega who wears a mask. @StreetFighter family. DJ, Dr. Bosconovich, Makoto,” she revealed.

That tweet delighted fans of Street Fighter, who immediately recognized the characters played by Jamie Lee’s family. With Curtis incognito as claw-powered Vega from Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, the rest of the family apparently stayed undercover, playing characters such as Dee Jay from Super Street Fighter II, Dr. Bosconovitch from Tekken, and Makoto, known from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

Next up, Jamie Lee takes to the small screen in Scream Queens, debuting on Fox on Sept. 22 from Glee creator Ryan Murphy.

In addition to Curtis (who definitely won’t be incognito as one of the stars of the horror anthology comedy series), Lea Michele will be featured in Scream Queens, reported Entertainment Tonight.

And if you loved Lea as Rachel Berry in Glee, be prepared to see her transformed into a big-eyed bubbly pledge sorority sister in the new show. Also starring is Emma Roberts.

“She makes me laugh all day!” declared Emma of co-star Lea.

“Literally, there was a scene where she doesn’t have any dialogue and she was just standing right here and I would have to look over her head. I was like, ‘I’m sorry, I’m not being rude, but if I look at you I will laugh so hard.’ I couldn’t even take it, it was just so funny!”

Jamie Lee also expressed her fondness for Lea’s character, Hester.

“She has also done this singular motion which is this excited thing like this,” said Curtis. “I swear in my house now I walk around and my husband will say, ‘We’re going out to dinner’ and I do it too now.”

In addition to Jamie Lee, Emma, and Lea, Scream Queens will feature Ariana Grande, Abigail Breslin, and Nick Jonas, as the Inquisitr reported.

Ryan, hot on the heels of his Glee success, evokes and spoofs the popular slasher films of years gone by.

Heathers meets Friday the 13th,” sums up Ryan of the concept.

Scream Queens tells the spooky story of a killer who is secretly stalking a college sorority.

[Image via Fox / Scream Queens]