Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Video Shows The ‘Kardashians’ Star Is All Grown Up

Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account is proof that she isn’t a little girl anymore. A late night party on Saturday, June 18, led to Kylie’s early Sunday post of a “raunchy” video that showed Kylie and pal Cara Delevingne and “getting rowdy” according to Us Weekly magazine. Kylie, older sister Kendall, and Cara were at the Los Angeles premiere of Delevingne’s film Paper Towns, and at the after party, Kylie let loose with some grown up antics. If the video from the party at The Nice Guy club in West Hollywood is anything to go by, they had lots of fun.

The video shows the 17-year-old Jenner and Delevingne at a table with several drinks in front of them, and Kylie sporting a cleavage-baring skin-tone bra under an open tan jacket. The bra didn’t do much to cover Kylie, displaying “extreme cleavage” so that she “spilled out of her tiny crop top.”

The cornrows that recently offended Amandla Stenberg were conspicuously absent in the video, as the blue-haired reality star danced and shimmied, grabbed her breasts and stuck out her tongue provocatively.

“These didn’t make it to Snapchat so here you are Instagram 💙🌙,” Kylie wrote as a caption.

Most fans loved seeing Kylie get crazy, and someone can be heard in the background yelling “get them all out!” Not everyone was happy with the display though. Many took to Twitter to express their outrage at the idea of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star leaving behind her little girl status.

“You are 17 what are u doing?” asked one, while another said that if her daughter looked like Kylie at 17, she would lock her in the closet.

The mature look is still new and takes getting used to. Even Kylie recently had some fun at her own expense when she posted to Instagram a throwback photo of herself from the Keeping Up With the Kardashians show. The photo was captioned, “I promise that I won’t grow up too fast,” and this time around, Kylie added the comment, “”Dammit, Kylie!”

What do you think? Is the youngest of the Kardashian clan growing up too fast or is Kylie Jenner just doing what it takes to keep up?

[Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram]