Beyonce Pregnant Again? Singer Sparks Controversy By Hiding ‘Baby Bump’ [Video]

Beyonce won’t stop shielding her lower belly while out and about, sparking rumors that the “Single Ladies” singer is pregnant with baby number two. Although Queen Beyonce has yet to say anything, fans can’t help but notice she keeps hiding a certain area from photographers and wearing loose fitting, casual clothing.

The normally stylish singer, who normally looks runway-ready and doesn’t like anyone to outshine her, has been seen around New York City wearing blue jeans, cut-offs, and loose fitting pants suits. In many recent photos, Beyonce has been photographed covering her belly with a laptop, as if hiding it from photographers. It’s rumored that the laptop was full of music for her next album — which also has fans excited — although Beyonce has yet to release any launch dates, according to the Daily Mail.

According to Page Six, “as far back as May 20, [Beyonce] kept a bag in front of her tummy while sporting a yellow pantsuit,” and in that photo Beyonce held a clutch purse in front of a possible pregnant baby bump. Even when showing off her great legs in Daisy Dukes, photographers have noticed Beyonce wearing belly-covering clothing, including an oversize white coat and holding a purse in front of a possibly pregnant stomach, reports the Daily Mail.

It’s rumored Beyonce and Jay-Z want a large family, but Beyonce has struggled with fertility issues. In a 2013 interview with radio DJ Angie Martinez, Beyonce revealed that Jay-Z would like “a little basketball team” worth of children, reports Page Six, so she must be feeling the pressure.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Beyonce consulted Kim Kardashian, who also has struggled with fertility issues, for baby making advice — and Beyonce is jealous that Kim was able to get pregnant again so fast.

Gossip has also been floating around that Beyonce and Jay-Z have hired a surrogate to carry their child, although it was rumored last January that the surrogate was still in the early stages of the pregnancy, so [Beyonce and Jay-Z] “have yet to announce it to the public,” a source told In Touch magazine.

“Unfortunately [Beyonce] and Jay have struggled to get pregnant this time around. They are seeing their doctor and doing everything they can to have a baby. Beyonce is actually jealous that Kim got pregnant and she hasn’t. They were trying for several months, but Beyonce was having trouble. She was scared about another high-risk pregnancy, so surrogacy became the best decision” for her and Jay-Z.

[Image credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]