Two Men Brawl In Publix Supermarket Deli Aisle [Viral Video]

Things got hot near the cold cuts counter when two men got into a brawl in the Publix deli aisle.

The deli aisle brawl occurred in Baldwin Park, Florida, and was captured on cell phone video, the original version of which has gone viral with about one million views at this writing. See embedded footage below.

The altercation at the Orlando-area supermarket reportedly had its source outside the store when one of the men accused a pregnant woman of leaving a shopping cart in the middle of a parking space after unloading her groceries, thereby preventing him from pulling into a spot.

She subsequently called her husband on her cell phone, who apparently confronted the man in the deli aisle. They wound up grappling and then landing haymakers on each other (Note: Video is NSFW owing to language).

According to information in a police report cited by the Orlando Sentinel, "The woman began cursing at [Edwin] Colon, who also cursed at the woman. When Colon went inside the store to purchase a sandwich at the deli, he was approached by the woman's husband, who pushed his face into Colon's face. According to the report, Colon pushed the man out of his way and the man then tried to put Colon into a headlock."

Colon told police he acted in self-defense and evidently wants to press charges.

Publix workers separated the two men before the situation got even more out of hand in the fistfight that transpired last Monday evening. Apparently a police investigation is underway into the incident.

In an interview with WKMG, Channel 6 in Orlando about what appears to amount to a he-said, she-said scenario, Kristin Varley claimed she explained to Colon that "I'm having contractions. I'm nine months pregnant. I don't feel well today. I can't do this. I can't move [the cart] back to Publix."

Varley, who wants an apology, further alleges that Colon continued arguing with her about the position of the allegedly abandoned cart and that he said, "Maybe you should of thought of that before you got f***ing pregnant."

She added, "I looked at him and said, 'Really, did you just say that to me? I am a woman standing here pregnant. My daughter is sitting right here in the car.'"

She also claims she has been receiving death threats after the Publix incident went public.

Both parties may be lawyering up as a result of the deli aisle "beef."

A Publix representative told the Fox Orlando affiliate, "This is an unfortunate incident that occurred at the Baldwin Park Publix location and is currently under police investigation."

In another statement, Publix asserted, "We do not know the details that lead up to the incident, but we're thankful that neither the customers near the incident or our associates were injured."

In a separate violent encounter recently, two dads got into a bloody brawl over a daughter who had been kicked off a girl's softball team.

[image via YouTube]