Kendra Wilkinson: Co-Stars Weigh In On Her Marriage Woes

Kendra Wilkinson spoke out recently about her feelings for her husband, and she took the opportunity to call out the people who have doubted their relationship mere hours after an episode of Marriage Boot Camp aired that showed their co-stars giving their opinion about it.

Kendra and Hank Baskett have been pretty public about their marriage troubles after Hank was accused of having an affair with a transgender model while Kendra was eight months pregnant with their second child. The couple shared their issues on their reality show, Kendra on Top, and on Marriage Boot Camp, where they were open about the things they wanted to work on with their co-stars. But on a recent episode, some of those co-stars vented about the duo, and Kendra wasn’t too happy about what they had to say.

“We know the type of girl that Kendra is. If that story was real, she would’ve punched him in the motherf—ing face right in front of us,” said Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

Kendra took to Instagram to defend her marriage, saying she’s not interested in what anyone else has to say about it.

“This is the love of my life… A true man. I believe in forgiveness and I believe in him. I take my vows very serious and won’t let people’s beliefs get in my way of what I know. Everyone that truly knows @hank_baskett knows the truth and everyone who doesn’t creates their own ideas n that’s ok but don’t f–K with me and what I love and stand for. Love the support but all the other 2 cents can kiss my a–.”

Kendra Wilkinson has spent quite a bit of time on reality shows, but at least one of her former co-stars believes she’s not being as “real” as she’d have fans believe. Holly Madison, who lived at the Playboy mansion with Kendra while they were dating Hugh Hefner, said in her recent memoir that Kendra is “fake” and that she thought she was “better than” Holly and Bridget Marquardt, Hugh Hefner’s third girlfriend.

“Kendra had apparently given an interview to a tabloid explaining that she wasn’t friends with either of us, as if she were somehow better than everyone else… Of course I wasn’t going to stoop to her level and address this only on social media, so I decided to text her how I truly felt: that she was a coward and that she tried to act like the ‘real’ girl on TV, but she’s the fakest person I’ve ever met — and that if she had a problem with me, she should have confronted me like an adult instead of just going silent. After that, I deleted her number from my phone. Kendra and I haven’t spoken since, and I have to say, I don’t miss her.”

[Photo courtesy Kendra On Top/YouTube]