NFL Star Arian Foster Buys Student's Textbooks After Request On Twitter

Patricia Grannum

Arian Foster, running back for the Houston Texans, just made one student's next year at college that much easier. Foster is paying for Texas A&M International University sophmore Ernesto Guerero's textbooks after he received the request via Twitter, Mashable reports.

Guerrero says that he never thought that Foster would even see his tweet. There's good reason for that: Arian has over 500,000 followers on Twitter. Most celebrities have fans ask them for stuff on Twitter and they hardly ever respond.

"To be honest, it was sort of a humor tweet. I never thought he would see it considering how busy he might be," Guerrero said to Sporting News. "I assumed most athletes and celebrities don't pay attention to their mentions."

But Arian Foster proved him wrong. Mere hours after Guerero sent the tweet, he got a notification on his phone that Foster had responded and he was agreeing to foot the $200 bill for his textbooks.

— Ernesto Guerrero (@ErnGuerrero33) July 17, 2015

— Feeno (@ArianFoster) July 17, 2015

— Ernesto Guerrero (@ErnGuerrero33) July 17, 2015

"When I saw that Arian replied to me, I was stunned," Guerrero gushed. "It was hard to believe. After I snapped out of it, I took a screenshot of the tweet and sent it to a group of friends of mine from college. They couldn't believe it either."

It's safe to say that Foster has made a lifelong fan in Guerero.

"I was honored that he took the time to even read my tweet, let alone consider paying for my textbooks."

"We'll make it happen," Foster told Guerero over Twitter.

Arian Foster signed a five-year, $43.5 million contract with the Houston Texans in 2012.

This simple act of philanthropy from the star running back helps ensure that Ernesto has a fighting chance to excel during his upcoming year at Texas A&M International University.

"Right now, I am majoring in psychology with a minor in criminal justice," Ernesto said to Sporting News. "But this past summer, I've been coaching my hometown's high school summer league baseball team, and I have taken quite an interest in coaching. I'm still a little undecided, but whichever I choose I'm sure I'll be happy."

The act of kindness probably won't surprise anyone who has been following Arian Foster and his NFL career. When the four time pro-bowler signed his lucrative contract extension in 2012, he told's Paul Kuharsky that wanted to be the type of star-athlete who's generous with the community.

"Money reveals you," Foster told Kuharsky. "I think it'll bring out the philanthropist in me, the person I want to be who gives back. I'll make sure my family's future is secured. I'm not one to buy a car or chains and jewelry, not anything against those guys who do, to each his own."

[Photo by Scott Halleran / Getty Images]