Demi Moore’s House Party: 21-Year-Old Drowned While Cops Say Moore Family Wasn’t Home — But Neighbors Say Demi’s Kids Party All Day, All Night

Demi Moore’s house was the scene of a tragedy on Saturday evening, reports TMZ.

The publication notes that a 21-year-old man drowned in Demi’s swimming pool, but Moore wasn’t home at the time of the drowning — nor was any of Demi’s family at home during the drowning, say cops, with the 21-year-old unnamed man’s body having been found in the early morning hours of Sunday, July 19. Moore’s neighbors tell a different story about parties all day and night at the house, however.

The house that Demi shared with Ashton Kutcher in the Hollywood Hills was featured in Architectural Digest back in 2007, with descriptions of the garden in the backyard, with a big deck and pool. It was a home that Moore said served as an excellent location for entertaining guests. Details haven’t yet emerged if this is the same house where the drowning occurred, nor if Moore had sold the house that Demi shared with Ashton in the interim since their divorce settlement made the news.

Berg Properties lists more details about Moore’s home in Beverly Hills, which Zillow lists as off the market and worth approximately $7.7 million. Demi didn’t get spousal support in her divorce from Ashton, reports TMZ, because of California’s “no fault” divorce state rules that claim infidelity issues don’t mean spousal support is automatic.

“The rear garden, landscaped by Pamela Burton, has a spacious deck and a pool. The house ‘works really well for entertaining.’ “

A search for Demi’s home turns up the article titled “Demi Moore asks $75 million for ‘last unicorn of Manhattan’ penthouse that she bought 25 years ago with Bruce Willis” from Yahoo, with a slideshow photo spread of the New York apartment. That penthouse apartment wasn’t Moore’s only home, and Demi told the publication that she was spending more time in other houses anyway — so that’s why Demi had put the place up for sale.

“I’m spending the majority of my time in my other homes, and this apartment is too magnificent not to be lived in full time.”

The party at Demi’s house happened when Moore wasn’t home, and police are looking into the death of the unnamed 21-year-old man. Meanwhile, with little details emerging about the tragic drowning, commentators are already pointing to the sobriety issues in the Moore family and seemingly blaming partying for the sad death of the young man.

“Mom did rehab. Kid did rehab. Should this family embrace the party lifestyle?? Sounds dangerous. Life is fragile. Come on girls.”

Other commentators write about potential lawsuits for Demi, and wonder aloud how the tragedy will affect the value of the home — like a scene straight out of the classic Hollywood movie Sunset Boulevard, wherein writer Joe Gillis is found floating dead in the pool. In that classic movie, Gloria Swanson’s character shot her young lover dead, a much different detail than the 21-year-old discovered dead in Demi’s pool due to drowning.

“Would you swim in a pool if you knew someone died in it?”

As reported by the Inquisitr, Demi reacted to her ex marrying Mila Kunis, Ashton’s co-star from That ’70s Show.

[Image via Architectural Digest]