Mia Khalifa, Jenn Sterger Heckle Brett Favre After Duke Williams Twitter Feud

Mia Khalifa is at it again. Just days after the Pornhub star exposed Duke Williams' private direct messages to her on Twitter, she is joining in on Jenn Sterger's heckling of Brett Favre.

The 22-year-old year old decided to poke fun at the football player's alleged sexting affair with Jenn Sterger.

Khalifa shared a photo of Favre at the 2015 EPSYs with the following caption, "Brett Favre looking at Caitlyn Jenner like 'So do I send her a pic of my d**k or...........?"


Jenn made the exact same joke that night. The former Jets employee previously accused Brett of sexually harassing her nearly five years ago. The Vikings quarterback admitted that he left voicemails on Jenn's phone, but he denied sending nude photos. Jenn hasn't let this go though. She lets her followers know every so often about Brett's alleged sexual harassment scandal.

On Friday, July 15, Sterger tweeted, "Welcome to my world, @Caitlyn_Jenner."

She also shared a video that showed Jenner walking on stage to receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award while Favre was seen clapping on camera and then rubbing his hands together. Sterger had insinuated that Favre looked like a creep during that moment.

Brett Favre had a tough night at the ESPYs. Not only was he hit with numerous Caitlyn Jenner jokes, but he also nearly tripped when he handed the Best NFL Player award to Aaron Rodgers.

Mia Khalifa is no stranger when it comes to making jokes about football players. She was not afraid to call out Buffalo Bills player Duke Williams for hitting on her on Twitter. Khalifa, who has a boyfriend, allegedly ignored the harassing from Williams for months before she decided to share his messages with the world. Mia posted a screen shot of the messages to her 600,000 Twitter followers.

She also included the message, "Warning: Trespassers in my DM's will be shot and hung out to dry in public."

Williams took to Facebook and Twitter to deny ever hitting on Khalifa. He referred to himself as a "man of God" and says that Khalifa only showed half of their conversation history. According to Williams, he wanted to join her at an upcoming pool party in Miami.

Of course, this recent controversy received mixed reaction from Mia's fans, who applauded the adult film star for standing up for herself. There were also others who thought that she was being hypocritical because of the fact that she works in the porn industry. According to them, because Mia's a porn star, she's allowed to receive lewd messages from men online.

What are your thoughts? Do you think women like Mia Khalifa and Jenn Sterger should get used to the sexual harassment, or do you believe that it's wrong? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.