June 29, 2017
#SophiamIsEngaged: Liam Payne And Sophia Smith Got Engaged? Getting Married? Twitter Rumors Soar

It's been a heck of a week or for the One Direction fandom on Twitter, as reported by the Inquisitr. First, there were the death threats issued against Harry Styles, with a Twitter user claiming Styles would face violence at an upcoming concert. Officials responded that they were aware of those death threats. Next, Ariana Grande was blamed for disrespecting Louis Tomlinson with a supposed Instagram comment that was largely believed to be a hoax. Then on Sunday, July 19, the hashtag #SophiamIsEngaged sent the 1D fandom soaring on an emotional rollercoaster, with rumors of Liam Payne and Sophia Smith getting engaged.

After the rumors swirled that Liam and Sophia -- known by their couple named "Sophiam" -- would be getting married soon, lots of Twitter users harkened back to the day in 2011 when 17-year-old Payne tweeted about his love of green beans and not getting married at such a young age.

News that #SophiamIsEngaged is causing fans of the couple to go on an emotional rollercoaster online.

Other fans are noting that the #SophiamIsEngaged news is simply the next in the line of rumors about 1D. With Harry's death threats, Louis' dad rumors, Liam's engagement, and Zayn's "no chill" news, lots of fans are pointing to what rumors could be coming about Niall.

Although certain folks tweeting under the #SophiamIsEngaged hashtag claim that the news of Payne and Smith getting married has been confirmed, those engagement confirmations have not appeared under Liam's Twitter or Payne's Instagram account.

The One Direction Twitter account doesn't readily have tweets available showing Payne and Smith getting engaged, even though rumors of Liam visiting wedding planner Mindy Weiss had circulated recently. Payne denied those rumors.

While some in the Twitter universe want the #SophiamIsEngaged rumor to come true, others are waiting to see if this latest 1D hashtag is only a rumor without legs -- or if they'll see wedding bells ring soon.

[Photo by Karwai Tang/Getty Images]