Chris Christie Gives His Take As A Former Prosecutor On Bill Cosby

Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey and 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful, has recently admitted to being unsettled with the actions of Bill Cosby, which have only recently been revealed through a deposition. When asked by CNN what his views were on prosecuting Bill Cosby, Christie had some insightful recommendations on state laws. According to Chris Christie, many laws regarding statue of limitations in rape cases do need to be reexamined.

“You don’t want to always change laws just to deal with one circumstance. But the fact is, if the law permits prosecution and the evidence is there, he should be prosecuted. And if it doesn’t, then we need to examine those laws on a going-forward basis and see what we may need to do.”

In Bill Cosby’s case, he stands accused of 26 separate instances of sexual assault or rape — and only a few of them are within the statute of limitations. Governor Chris Christie admits to being especially upset that the accusations are appearing to be true, because he was a fan of the Cosby Show. However, Christie reportedly draws the most frustration from the idea that a man with daughters is capable of such “conduct.”

“Let’s focus on what’s really important here, which is the conduct, and the conduct is reprehensible. As the father of two daughters, it makes me sick.”

Despite stances of Bill Cosby’s innocence by both colleagues and mentees, the comedian has admitted to many things, including offering drugs to women. The recently-released 2005 court documents leave Bill Cosby vulnerable to be charged in the state of New York, according to People. Recently, University of Illinois law professor Robin Wilson revealed what could be Cosby’s fate.

“There are no statute of limitations in New York when it comes to first-degree rape. You could be 100 and they could still come after you.”

Chris Christie, though a fan of Cosby’s comedic work, is repulsed by his actions.

“The thing that I focus on the most as a father is just how incomprehensible it is to me that someone — if what he did and what’s alleged is actually what he did — that someone in a position of authority and influence and esteem in this country — I watch The Cosby Show. The fact that he would engage in that kind of conduct, if that’s what he did, is just sickening.”

Chris Christie is careful not the call Bill Cosby guilty because, as an attorney himself, Christie understands that a man is innocent until proven guilty. However, even Cosby fan Chris Christie sees that this case may call for a change in statute of limitation laws.

“If he is guilty of what he has been accused of, then he should be prosecuted if the law allows it.”

[Image via RawStory]