Liam Payne Asks One Direction Fans For Boy Baby Names, Louis Tomlinson Reveals His Top Picks

Liam Payne recently asked One Direction fans to help him come up with a name for a baby boy, but his request didn’t reveal the sex of Louis Tomlinson’s child.

According to the Mirror, Liam Payne issued his baby name challenge during One Direction’s concert in Vancouver. The singer discovered that a fan in attendance was pregnant with a baby boy, so he asked the crowd to see if they could help her pick a moniker for her unborn child. Liam likely had babies on the brain because it was recently announced that Louis Tomlinson and his stylist friend, Briana Jungwirth, are expecting their first child.

“Boys, any boy names for a boy who is being born?” Liam can be heard asking fans in the concert video below. “Congratulations by the way.”

It sounds like Niall Horan suggests the name “Alfred,” which seems to tickle Liam Payne’s fancy somewhat (it is the name of Batman’s butler, after all). However, Liam suggests that the fan’s baby should go by the nickname “Alfie.” Louis Tomlinson’s top choice is “Alberto,” which is the name of his bodyguard.

Harry Styles tries not to embarrass another pregnant lady by playing it safe by choosing the name “Harry,” and his unimaginative moniker choice gives Liam a brilliant idea.

“Obviously, you’ve got some good names there, but ‘Liam’ would probably be the best name,” Payne tells the pregnant fan in the video below.

Interestingly, Liam might be onto something. According to Hollywood Life, Louis did once say that he wants to give his first child a name that starts with the letter “L.” However, the names at the top of his list a few years ago were “Leo” and “Lucas.”

Liam Payne isn’t the member of One Direction who is about to become a dad, but he’s also revealed his favorite baby name. During a 2012 interview with a pregnant KRB Radio host, Liam said that he’s a fan of gender-neutral monikers.

“I like the name Taylor,” Liam said, according to Sugarscape. “Taylor’s pretty neutral for a boy or a girl. That’s what I’m going to call my first child if I had children.”

It’s important to point out that Liam Payne picked this name before Harry Styles and Taylor Swift started dating.

Luckily for Louis Tomlinson, he doesn’t have to rely on Liam Payne to help him come up with a baby name — he has millions of fans who have been more than willing to share their own ideas.

“I think Louis should name his baby zaughty since it’s basically nonexistent.” Me: #OhNoLouis

— yulieth (@empirestylxs) July 15, 2015

what will louis name the baby i was thinking dagger rose leeds whisk wellington ship compass birds dont have eyebrows tomlinson-styles

— rahaf loves z (@larryyys) July 14, 2015

Do you agree with Liam Payne that he already owns the perfect name for Louis’ baby?

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