Bill Cosby’s 62-Page Confession: Hiding Money From Camille Cosby To Pay Off Women He Had Sex With

The New York Times article titled “Bill Cosby Deposition Reveals Calculated Pursuit of Young Women, Using Fame, Drugs and Deceit” is gaining plenty of traction on Twitter. According to Twitter’s trending topics list, Cosby is very popular, with 20,700 tweets about the trend. That’s because the article quotes heavily and uncovers more revelations from Bill’s 62-page deposition, in which Cosby sounded short-tempered and condescending through the 2005 interview.

As reported by the Inquisitr, President Obama spoke out against Cosby, saying that any person who gives another person drugs or engages in sex without their consent is defined as rape. Even Camille Cosby seemed to allude to an open marriage in recent comments about the melee, and now, quotes revealed from the 62-page deposition show Bill admitting to hiding money from “Mrs. Cosby,” as he refers to his wife.

Regarding a $5,000 payment to Therese Serignese, routed through his agent at William Morris Agency — which was then repaid to Bill — Cosby admitted the purpose was to hide the transaction from Camille.

“Was [the purpose] to disguise that you were paying the money to Theresa?


“And the reason you were doing — who were you preventing from knowing that?”

“Mrs. Cosby.”

The full 62-page deposition with Cosby is available online for those interested enough to dig through all of Bill’s answers, some of which come off sounding pretty condescending.

When asked about situations involving Andrea Constand, Cosby clams up with a dictionary lesson about the word “confidential.”

“That’s confidential.”

“What do you mean it’s confidential?”

“Look it up in the dictionary. I’m getting a little tired.”

Throughout the deposition, Bill speaks about his prowess at picking up sexual cues, and talks about a “good-looking” woman.

The general reaction on social media upon reading Cosby’s answers show the once-loved comedian coming off as cocky.

[Photo by David A. Smith/Getty Images]