Lana Del Rey, James Franco Secretly Together? Boyfriend’s Turkish Media Update

If the thought of James Franco and Lana Del Rey coming out as a couple makes your heart stop, stay tuned to decide for yourself if they are hiding a secret romance.

Rumors about Lana Del Rey and James Franco becoming a couple started last year around Lana’s birthday when she broke up with her long-time boyfriend, Barrie James O’Neill. Also last year, James Franco started dating Erin Johnson.

While they may have been in relationships with other people in the fall of 2014, James Franco stunned everyone by writing a tribute to “his friend” Lana Del Rey for V Magazine in September 2014.

The way that James Franco wrote his piece about Lana Del Rey had fans raising eyebrows about whether or not they were secretly in a romantic relationship.

Despite the fact that there are currently no social media messages from James Franco or Lana Del Rey clearly stating they are officially in a relationship, it appears that their fans (and perhaps one writer) are not completely convinced.

Regardless, Lana Del Rey may still be in a relationship with Francesco Carrozzini. The last news from Francesco Carrozzini that includes Lana Del Rey was an interview he did with the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet on June 2.

At that time, Carrozzini stated about his “girlfriend” Lana Del Rey, “Seven months [ago], I moved to Los Angeles from New York for her” — and insinuates that they make a lot of sacrifices to spend time together despite her tour.

Although it is clear that Lana Del Rey and Francesco were together in June, accusations that she is secretly together with James Franco have continued.

Unfortunately for James Franco, outside of his movie roles and proving on Instagram that he’s spending time with Lana Del Rey, there’s been a lot of horrifying headlines related to his sexuality.

While many Lana Del Rey fans innocently suspect they are lovers, some media publications have been pointed out as being obscene when it comes to talking about James Franco’s sexual history. Instead of seeing James Franco’s roles as a gay man as being a sign of a brilliant actorGawker specifically chided James Franco as being dishonest about not being exclusively heterosexual.

The Daily Beast writes on July 17 about James Franco’s beat-down by Gawker to be a “homophobic, years-long crusade to ‘out’ James Franco.” The Huffington Post also responded on July 17 to James Franco’s incident with Gawker and said that he should “sue” them.

In the meantime, KPop Starz has been insinuating that there might be a romantic layer to the relationship that James Franco and Lana Del Rey have — but is it more than speculation?

KPop Starz, a long-time fan of calling James Franco the “boyfriend” of Lana Del Rey, posted an article on July 13 stating that they base their theories about a secret relationship on evidence found in James Franco’s Instagram account.

Sure enough, one day later on July 14, James Franco posted a picture of him and Lana Del Rey on Instagram that gave more fire to the idea that they might be in a secret relationship after all.

James Franco captioned the somewhat romantic photo of him hugging Lana Del Rey’s shoulders with, “Interviewed my homegirl Lana Del Rey for V Magazine yesterday. Out in September.”

Right on cue, a James Franco fan wrote the following in the comments section under the pic of him with Lana Del Rey.

“Are they dating? I want someone to confirm it????”

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