Online Play: Olympic Water Sports

Not everyone can participate in the Olympic games, but there’s always online play for those looking for some fun.

For that moment where Kazakhstan is going for the gold and you’re completely bored, presenting round one of our Olympic sport substitution list: water sports.

Note that the following games require Flash and will not work on an iPhone


The heats of the rowing are already under way at Shunyi, Beijing’s Olympic rowing venue, and you can be part of the action with Extreme Rowing!


Not everyone’s favorite sport, but Monkey Cliff Diving adds new dimensions.


Olypmic kayaking delivers excitement galore as men meet whitewater in a race for the gold.


Join Captain Chaos in the race for Olypmic Yachting gold….


Join Teddy as he swims for gold by following this link. (we won’t embed it because of audio autoplaying).