Obese Mother Arrested For Starving Her 7 Children, Only Enough Food For Her -- Disturbing Hoax Goes Viral

There's a "disturbing" report circulating on the Internet about a Baton Rouge, LA mother who has been arrested for child neglect. However, this particular case of child neglect is quite different than most you've read. In fact, it's so outlandish you'll be furious about the mother's alleged actions, but also be scratching your head trying to figure out if the details are actually factual. Don't get angry too soon because there's a big catch regarding the entire report.

News Now 8, a satirical site, writes the story of Lakisha Connors -- an obese mother of seven -- who has been accused of starving her children because there was not enough food in the house for everyone to eat. The majority of the food in the house, according to the website, was reserved for Connors who insists she needs more nourishment than her small children. However, Connors' neighbors beg to differ. Apparently, many concerned neighbors agreed the children look extremely malnourished and opted to contact local authorities.

The website writes that on Thursday, July 16, Connors was arrested by the Baton Rouge Police Department and the "chief" released a detailed statement about Connors' ailing children and their harsh living conditions, reports The Racket Report, which also appears to be another satirical website. Although the children were described as malnourished, there was actually a substantial amount of food in the home but the children were not given access to it.

"The house was disgusting, probably the worst I've ever seen," said the police chief in the website's article, Ronnie Hernandes. "When we enter the home, we found seven children who looked extremely malnourished. In addition to that there was a lock on the refrigerator and all nonperishable foods were locked in a huge wooden makeshift storage container in the mother's bedroom."

The article goes on to tell that when Connors was confronted about her children's disturbing condition, the remorseless mother had no reservations about her reason for depriving her children. "We pulled her up off the couch and asked her to explain herself," Hernandes said. "When asked why her children were in this condition, Lakisha plainly said, without any remorse, 'There was only enough food for me! Them kids get on my nerves. But they eat, they eat my scraps. I'm a big girl I need more than them!'"

Although many readers have found the report completely infuriating, there's actually silver lining. The entire report is completely false. In just one day, the story has gone viral with more than 25,000 shares. Satirical or not, a staggering number of people have actually voiced their frustrations over the shocking report via Twitter. The infuriating tweets continue to pour in as the report circulates on numerous social media platforms.

Satirical reports, also referred to as "hoax stories," are often mistaken for authentic news reports. But, in most cases, satirical reports are only published for entertainment and comical purposes.

[Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images]