Ben Carson: Planned Parenthood's Apology Over Selling Aborted Baby Parts Is 'Disturbing'

Patrick Frye

Speaking to Fox's Megyn Kelly, Ben Carson told audiences that he found Planned Parenthood's apology disturbing in light of the allegations being made. An undercover investigative video alleges that companies are able to collect human tissue by purchasing aborted fetus tissue from Planned Parenthood in violation of federal law. Although these allegations came from the mouth of Planned Parenthood Federation of America senior director of medical services Deborah Nucatola, the organization is claiming they have not broken any law.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, shortly before Planned Parenthood's apology was officially issued, Congress decided it would investigate whether there was any wrongdoing. Much of the issues surround terminology, since trafficking human body parts is illegal, while Planned Parenthood refers to the baby parts as "tissue" even though the video referred to complete hearts, lungs, and livers.

Dr. Ben Carson was quick to call for the elimination of Planned Parenthood's funding.

"I'm urging Congress to eliminate every last dime of Planned Parenthood funding!" Carson said on Twitter. "The Planned Parenthood video is horrific and heartbreaking. We need a swift and thorough investigation immediately."

Oklahoma Senator James Lankford noted that he had spent Thursday in meetings about protecting orca whales and horses only to hear about the Planned Parenthood scandal.

"You can't say in one moment that's not a human and then sell it for the next moment as a human organ and say now suddenly it is. It was a human all the way through. There was never a time that wasn't a child, never a time that wasn't a human, and it seems the ultimate irony to me that we spend time talking about humane treatment of animals being put down... and we completely miss children being ripped apart in the womb and their body parts being sold."

Responding to the controversy, Planned Parenthood's apology denied any accusations of wrongdoing. Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards also apologized for the "tone" of Deborah Nucatola.

"Our top priority is the compassionate care that we provide. In the video, one of our staff members speaks in a way that does not reflect that compassion. This is unacceptable, and I personally apologize for the staff member's tone and statements."

As Dr. Ben Carson told Megyn Kelly on Fox News, the real shocker isn't the video, but the way people responded to this evidence.

"What's really disturbing," Carson said, "is the fact that we have become so callous that a lot of people don't even realize that this is shocking. To see the callousness with which we are treating human life... [T]here are so many people who are concerned about little spiders and things, and yet, the human being inside the mother's womb... is much more sophisticated than many of these creatures that they're trying to preserve."

Planned Parenthood's apology also insisted that fetal tissue is important to medical research, a claim which Carson called "spurious."

"There's nothing that can't be done without fetal tissue," Dr. Ben Carson explained.

What do you think about Planned Parenthood's apology?

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