WWE Rumors: Article States Daniel Bryan Is Retiring From Wrestling -- Superstar Responds

Daniel Bryan is, without doubt, one of the most popular superstars that has ever stepped through the ropes of a WWE ring. His injuries in the past couple of years have concerned fans greatly and the feeling is that he may never wrestle again. A recent article making the internet rounds actually stated that he will be retiring soon, and that brought out Daniel Bryan to comment on those rumors.

An interview piece with 92.7 KGHO in Aberdeen, Washington, has been going around and it details words from Bryan. Aberdeen is where he grew up and he spoke on the upcoming Battleground event on Sunday, and Bryan then reportedly spoke on his career a little bit.

"Battleground? I'm not sure. To be quite honest I don't really have time for the current product apart from NXT; fans should focus on what's important and not hold on to my name. That's in reference to them still acknowledging me. I only do Tough Enough and Tough Enough should be about Tough Enough and not me. It's about those young men and women who want a future in this company. For those waiting for my return I appreciate it but let's focus on what's going on right now. I've had my time and it's over so it seems but there's an abundance of talent on the main roster for them to pay attention too. Just let it go."
As soon as this interview made its way online, fans immediately began contacting Bryan via Twitter to ask him about his career and if he's really retiring. Fans were of the belief that he was done with in-ring competition and would never wrestle again.

Before too long, Bryan responded to all of those that thought he was done.

Wrestling Inc. actually reached out to KGHO about what was said from Daniel Bryan, and they claim he was interviewed. A number of follow-up attempts at reaching the station went unanswered, and there is no official audio of the interview that actually exists to prove the transcript is legitimate.

Both Daniel Bryan and his wife, Brie Bella, have stood by their words that he will return to the ring someday. Others have come forward and said that Bryan's health is in much worse shape than he is admitting.

WWE legend Bret "The Hit Man" Hart even came out and said that Daniel Bryan was done wrestling forever. Even though others believe him to be done and that he should never wrestle again, Bryan isn't willing to give up just yet.

Daniel Bryan is set on returning to in-ring action for WWE, but we have no idea when that may be. Fans truly hope that his belief of wrestling again is correct and the retirement rumors can be laid to rest at this time.

[Image via WWE]