The Apple Watch Is Not A Flop: It’s The Future Of Technology

It has been so easy to bash the Apple Watch. There have been tons of news stories coming out about how much of a flop the Apple Watch is. A recent article from CNN Money claimed there is more interest in the iPod than there is in the Apple Watch.

“A search on Google (GOOG) Trends comparing five of Apple’s products — iPod, MacBook, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch — reveals that people are searching for the Watch far less than any of the other Apple products. The iPhone is by far Apple’s most-searched product, followed the iPad.”

Of course, calling the Watch a flop based on this report doesn’t take into account a lot of other things, like how much the Apple Watch is selling compared to these products. If any of the watch critics actually used an Apple Watch for a few days, they would realize that the Apple Watch may not be perfect, but shows a lot of promise. As a matter of fact, the Watch represents the future of technology.

The Apple Watch is an extension of the iPhone — that’s a good thing. If you expect it to be a completely separate device that is just as useful as your iPhone, you will — of course — be disappointed. But once you see that you don’t have to spend so much time digging into your pockets to get notifications, you’ll appreciate the Watch. Once you see you can get step-by-step directions like you can on a GPS, you’ll appreciate the Watch even more. You’ll even smile when the Watch taps your wrist when you have to make a turn.

The Apple Watch can actually save lives. Let’s face it — there are still a lot of people who text on their phones while driving. The Apple Watch allows you to answer those texts without tapping letters on your phone and use your regular voice to answer. The speech-to-text features are far more accurate than they are on the iPhone. In fact, one of the best features of the Apple Watch is Siri.

Siri is a good assistant, but she has a habit of misunderstanding people’s speech on the iPhone. However, she works much better on the Watch. In fact, you won’t be surprised if Siri’s ears are almost 100 percent accurate. Instead of asking Siri to play “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” on the iPhone, where you won’t get the song played, you will find yourself asking the watch instead. Then, your iPhone will play the song.

If you find yourself being a couch potato, the Apple Watch will tap your wrist and tell you to stand. It will track all the calories you burn without much effort. If you have a meeting, the Apple Watch will tap you and let you know. The next version of watchOS will allow you to respond to your emails in the same way you respond to your text messages right now. The Apple Watch may be a “beta” version right now, but it’s on its way to becoming the most useful gadget in years.

[Photo Credit: Daryl Deino]