Dog The Bounty Hunter Sued By Charles Fisher In $30M Lawsuit

Patrick Frye

A rival bounty hunter named Charles Fisher is having Dog the Bounty Hunter sued for $30 million. Fisher claims his Dog the Bounty Hunter lawsuit is only intended to make things right since he claims Duane Chapman and his wife, Beth, falsely portrayed him as a "corrupt bondsman" on their popular TV show Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Dog the Bounty Hunter once hunted down an MMA fighter named War Machine.

Based upon a LinkedIn profile, Charles Fisher is the owner and general manager of AAA Local Bail Bonds in Honolulu, Hawaii. While some reports have described Dog the Bounty Hunter as a "renegade cowboy," Fisher once defended Chapman's profession in the past.

"We all employ them to a certain degree," said Fisher, according to the Honolulu Advertiser. "A lot of guys choose to do it themselves. There's an aura that hangs over the business. You think of loan sharks. But we're in the business of getting people out of jail."

But the two men were on opposing sides when the state government was discussing Hawaii's bounty hunter bill. The law intended to prohibit anyone from becoming a bounty hunter if they were ever convicted of a felony or weapons violation. In 1977, Duane Chapman was convicted of murder but was released two years later, so the law would be an obvious problem for Dog.

While Dog the Bounty Hunter opposed the bill, claiming it was biased toward "competitors who'd like to see Dog out of business," Charles Fisher supported the new law since he's also a bounty hunter.

"There are parts of bill that deserve attention people should be trained and licensed in this. I have a gardener who works in my yard and he has to have a license to plant a flower," said Fisher, according to Hawaii News Now.

Charles Fisher

Now, the two bounty hunters are openly knocking heads. Fisher had Dog the Bounty Hunter sued after the Dog and Beth: On the Hunt TV show allegedly fabricated a phone conversation in order to make it appear as if Fisher made off with $20,000 in collateral, ripped off his insurance company, and used a connection within a local jail in order to bring in business.

In addition, Fisher claims he sold phone lines to Dog the Bounty Hunter, yet the Chapman family only paid him $5,000 out of the $20,000 he allegedly was owed.

Based upon the way Charles Fisher was portrayed in the TV show, the rival bounty hunter says his name is ruined. According to TMZ, Fisher had Dog the Bounty Hunter sued for $30 million since he believes a lawsuit is the only way to recoup the loss in business.

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