Donald Trump: Cosby Is ‘Guilty As H*ll’ — Could This Be Another Potentially Racist Statement?

Donald Trump thinks Bill Cosby is “guilty as h*ll,” taking a slight detour from his usual antics of late. Instead of continuing to focus on his stance against Mexican immigrants, he’s now taking on the accusations of rape against the former TV star.

It doesn’t help Bill Cosby’s reputation that he confessed during a 2005 deposition to using Quaaludes to have his way with women. The confession, while confirming suspicions across tabloids and other media outlets, only fueled the public fire.

With Donald Trump’s already racist reputation following his Twitter rants, his latest observation about Cosby’s rape accusations and confession could get him even further in trouble.

It was a recent interview with Rita Cosby, which will air Sunday on radio station 77 WABC, that Trump said Cosby was guilty, but he did so with a touch of what could be more racist shade.

“Well, I think he’s guilty as h*ll. I mean, he’s looking guilty, and last week’s event was very bad for him, where they had those documents unsealed.”

The phrase “looking guilty” could easily be taken wrong, pointing to his skin color and not just his actions and confession. Donald Trump continued, adding that he thinks the comedian’s Presidential Medal of Freedom should be taken away.

“I don’t know if you can take away a medal or not. It’s not the most important thing. But I would say, if you can, take it away.”

The Republican candidate added that he’s never been a Bill Cosby fan.

“I’ve never been a fan of Bill Cosby. I’ve never liked him. I’ve known him; I’ve never liked him. I think he was a highly overrated guy – both in talent and in many other ways. And who would think that this would have happened?”

While it’s highly doubtful that Trump was referring to Cosby’s heritage when he said he was “looking guilty,” there is no guarantee how the respective communities will react. These are highly sensitive times, and anything could be taken wrong. It doesn’t help that Trump has already made himself look unapologetically racist.

[Image via Christopher Gregory / Getty Images]