DeOrr Kunz Jr. Update: Missing Idaho Toddler Search Narrowed Down, Parents Refuse To Leave Campsite [Video]

In a DeOrr Kunz Jr. update, the search for the missing Idaho toddler has been narrowed down to a reservoir after the child disappeared on July 10. The boy was with his family at a campsite in Leadore, Idaho, when he went missing in the middle of the afternoon. His parents — DeOrr Kunz Sr. and Jessica Mitchell — have refused to leave the campsite until their little boy is found. This whole tragedy has taken a serious toll on Mitchell, who is desperate to get her child back and carries his blanket around everywhere she goes.

Investigators are focused on the search at Stone Creek Reservoir; it’s less than a half-mile away from where the boy was last seen. Search dogs picked up a scent near the water, but divers found nothing.

According to KLEW 3, investigators are asking the public to stop speculating on what happened to the child. Lemhi County Sheriff’s Deputy Chief, Steve Penner, reveals that the family has been more than cooperative.

“I know that there is a lot of innuendo on social media concerning the family, I would like the public just to know that we’ve interviewed the family with myself and my office. We’re good with the information that they provided us and I think that some of the things that are going on in social media probably need to stop and let them have a little peace.”

In an updated report by People, Mitchell’s father-in-law — also named DeOrr Kunz — spoke with the magazine about how Mitchell is coping.

“The look on her face – in seven days it looks like she’s aged 10 years. Her baby is gone.”

The Lemhi County Sheriff’s Department was called after the missing Idaho toddler had been missing for an hour. Searchers have been out since it started, and a spokesman says they’re exploring every avenue of what could’ve happened to the 2-year-old.

Members of the family thought the child’s grandfather was watching the boy, while the grandfather thought they were watching him.

Kunz, 70, explains to People that there was a small window of time in which DeOrr Kunz Jr. wasn’t being watched.

“There’s a four-minute window where no one had an eye on him. My grandson is paying the ultimate price for this.”

Investigators are meticulously combing the campsite for any sign of Kunz Jr. His grandfather explains that the family has been “torn apart” by the boy’s disappearance.

Mitchell, 25, is clutching hard onto her son’s blanket. Kunz talks about the heartbreaking scene.

“The blanket was in the truck, so Jessica now has got that blanket and she will not let go of it. She holds it, smells it, loves it. It’s the only attachment she has to that boy right now.”

Deputies want to hear from anyone with information or tips leading to the missing Idaho toddler’s disappearance. They’re urging people not to contact them via social media. You can call them about anything regarding DeOrr Kunz Jr. at 208-756-8980.

[Photo Credit: KLEW 3 screenshot]