Bernard Tomic Arrested: Tennis Star Parties A Little Too Hard In Miami Beach

Tennis star Bernard Tomic was arrested this week in Miami Beach after a series of noise complaints escalated into a scuffle with authorities, The New York Daily News is reporting.

Tomic was partying it up with friends in a penthouse suite at Miami Beach’s chic W Hotel, when other customers started complaining about his music being too loud. Hotel security came by three times to ask Tomic to tone it down, and by the third time, he’d had enough, according to the criminal complaint. “[Tomic] pointed his finger aggressively towards [hotel security guards” and closed the door in their faces.

The hotel had enough of Tomic’s shenanigans and called the cops, who showed up and told the 22-year-old to pack up his belongings and leave the property, according to MSN. Tomic’s guests complied, but Tomic himself was having none of that: he allegedly scuffled with the cops and was arrested.

The Australian Tomic has had some behavior issues throughout his relatively short career. Earlier this week, he was let go from the Australian team competing in the Davis Cup after he called Australian Tennis Federation (Tennis Australia/TA) “penny-pinching.” He also had some choice words for TA after the agency sent out a press release saying Tomic was competing in the “Hall of Shame Championships” in Rhode Island. TA insisted that it was a clerical error, and they meant to say Tomic was competing in the Hall of Fame Championships.

For his part, Tomic owned up to his actions that led to his arrest, speaking to Australian TV Friday.

“It was a bit interesting, obviously I couldn’t control what happened. I feel sad in one way, they (the police) were doing their job, I was playing music loud, there were several complaints coming from the rooms. For sure it was my mistake and I guess I have to pay the price for it.”

TA president Steve Healy told Melbourne radio station 3AW that Tomic’s arrest is troubling for the association.

“We are very worried about Bernard, it certainly is a very sad situation. We hope this is a turning point in the road for him and that he realises the error of his ways and makes some changes. He’s a real talent, and it’s just a shame that talent is being wasted.”

After his arrest, Bernard Tomic was freed after posting $2,ooo bail.

[Image courtesy of: Miami Beach Police Department Via The New York Daily News]