Charlotte McKinney And Rob Gronkowski Star In Sexy Video: See Their ‘A Gronking To Remember’ Trailer

Charlotte McKinney helped bring one Rob Gronkowski fan’s ultimate sexual fantasy to life by starring alongside the New England Patriots tight end in a steamy new video. However, the model and the NFL star did not make a sex tape.

The video in question was inspired by a wild piece of erotic Rob Gronkowski fan-fiction that went viral a few months ago. As the Inquisitr previously reported, A Gronking to Remember was written by a New England Patriots fan who writes under the pseudonym Lacey Noonan. It’s a bizarre combination of football and Fifty Shades of Grey, but Gronk’s biggest fan doesn’t dream about getting spanked by the object of her obsession — her painful sexual fantasy involves a spiked football.

According to the New York Daily News, Funny or Die recently recruited Charlotte McKinney and Rob Gronkowski for its fake A Gronking to Remember movie trailer. In the video, the Gronk dons a dapper, Christian Grey-inspired suit to announce that Lacey Noonan’s fan-fiction is being turned into a feature film. Charlotte McKinney stars as Noonan’s Mary Sue, and viewers are treated to a bit of her Anastasia Steele-esque inner monologue after she sees the Gronk for the first time.

“Seeing this man spike a football sent jiggling ribbons of electric jelly through my body. I became obsessed with this mountain of a man.”

You can watch Rob Gronkowski and Charlotte McKinney going on the strangest first date ever in the video below. Charlotte rocks her underwear while the Gronk spikes a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolate, and a bouquet of flowers on her butt. Sadly, there are no DeflateGate references.

Charlotte McKinney might not actually be starring in the next Fifty Shades of Grey, but the Carl’s Jr. burger babe is working on her acting resume. According to JoBlo, she plays a flatulent, “sexy lumberjack” in Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser. The sequel to the 2001 movie starring David Spade was recently released on Crackle, where fans can watch it for free.

McKinney is also busy focusing on her modeling career, and her next big goal is to appear in the 2016 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. SI recently shared Charlotte’s casting call video, which features the former Dancing with the Stars contestant playing a word association game. Perhaps teaming up with a huge sports star like the Gronk will increase Charlotte’s chances of scoring the coveted cover of the swimsuit issue.

Charlotte McKinney better pray that her career continues to mirror that of three-time Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl Kate Upton. Charlotte’s curvaceous competition has also starred in a Carl’s Jr. ad, posed in numerous bikinis, appeared in a few movies, and had her nude photos leaked online. The blonde bombshells might have a lot in common, but Charlotte hates being compared to Kate.

“I’m over it,” Charlotte told Page Six of the Kate Upton comparisons. “I believe we’re two totally different people and we have different career paths.”

At least Charlotte McKinney finally did go down a slightly different career path by appearing in the A Gronking to Remember video — Kate Upton is more of a New York Jets fan (or at least she was).

[Image credits: Ethan Miller, Cindy Ord/Getty]