Soldier Dog ‘Thunderpaws’ Reunion Video Goes Viral

Trevor Chowder, the soldier featured in the now viral video, had just finished serving nine months in Afghanistan when he returned home to be greeted by his Great Dane Emmitt, who also goes by the alias Thunderpaws.

The dog, who is as tall as his owner Chowder, stands on his rear legs and essentially hugs his master and companion while the two lock eyes in an embrace which does an excellent job of conveying the bond between human and canine.

The video was originally uploaded back in April of 2011 to Since it was released to the public, viewers have left comments on Yahoo! which include:

“That’s unconditional love for ya!”

“This video made me cry, and happy!”

“Beautiful dog and reunion.”

What the video, and others like it, do an excellent job of conveying is the emotional reunions returning troops experience. For some, those experiences include family, friends, and even furry four-legged animals like Chowder’s Great Dane, Emmitt Thunderpaws.

Founder of the website upon which the video was originally published, Chase Holfelder, has received 500 videos of military reunions, and counting. He was quoted by Y! News having said:


“These videos are undoubtedly heartwarming no matter your political beliefs.”

As Holfelder’s intent was to manifest a website where returning U.S. soldiers could share their reunions, his website has most certainly been a success.

What are your thoughts on the adorable video of Thunderpaws and Trevor Chowder’s reunion?