Mega Millions Winning Numbers July 17: Watch $140 Million Jackpot Drawing Live

If you have the Mega Millions winning numbers for July 17, you may be able to retire early, or at least take a few days off. With a $140 million jackpot up for grabs, it may be worth investing $1 for a chance to be an instant multi-millionaire.

Get your ticket ready and find out if you’re mega-rich. Friday night’s Mega Millions drawing takes place at 11 p.m. ET. Download the free LotteryHUB app and watch the lottery results live on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

The winning Mega Millions numbers for July 17 are: 6, 17, 30, 31, 41 MB 15 Megaplier 3

Tonight is the 13th drawing since one lucky ticket holder won the $260 million jackpot on June 2. According to WGNTv Chicago, the winning ticket was sold at the Super Mercado Imelda market in the Blue Island section of Chicago.

The jackpot winner still hasn’t come forward to claim the $260 million prize. According to the Illinois State Lottery, the ticket holder has up to one year to come forward with the winning ticket. In some states that time period for claiming a prize is short, but the range is between 180 days and one year from the date the winning numbers are drawn.

Although the winner has up to a year to claim the Mega Millions jackpot, they will lose the option to get the prize as a one-time lump sum payment 60 days after the drawing. According to the official Mega Millions website, the prize can only be claimed as a 30-year annuity after the 60-day period has passed.

Wondering how much you will take home if you win tonight’s $140 million jackpot? If you claim your ticket before within 60 days, you can choose a one-time payment based on the cash value of Friday night’s jackpot, or a 30-year annuity. Here’s how it breaks down, according to U.S.A. Mega:

  • Lump Sum Payment: A check or direct deposit for $61,950,000 after federal taxes are deducted. If you live in a state that taxes lottery winnings, that percentage will be deducted from your yearly check.
  • 30-Year Annuity: $3.5 million per year, after federal taxes and before state taxes, if applicable.

There are no state taxes on lottery prizes in the following states: California, Delaware, Florida, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.

Didn’t buy a ticket for tonight’s drawing yet? You may not have much time. Most retailers stop Mega Millions ticket sales anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes prior to the drawing. Tickets are currently sold in 44 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Check this list to find a lottery retailer near you.

[Image: Kevork Djansezian/ Getty Images News]