Gabby Giffords Inspiration Award Will Be Presented At ITEC

Gabby Giffords, the former Arizona congresswoman who, after being shot in the head during a “Congress on Your Corner Event” is a woman who has pulled through a traumatic event, not only living, but recovering better than anyone expected her to.

In recognition of her ability to fight through such a traumatic event and injury, the 2012 International Tire Exhibition Conference (ITEC) has created the “Gabrielle Giffords Inspiration Award.”

The award has been created to honor a tire dealership or tire company employee with a disability for his or her ability to contribute to their workplace and community.

The former congresswoman said in a statement about the award that:

“I am so pleased to endorse this award that celebrates and recognizes an individual at an independent tire dealership or tire company. As a former president of El Campo Tire, the Tucson-based tire dealership founded by my grandfather, I know how important local businesses are to the growth and vibrancy of a community.”

David Zielasko, editor and VP/publisher of Tire Business, the organizer of ITEC, along with it’s sister publication Rubber Plastics News, believes that Gabby Giffords is a huge inspiration to those around her, and to families who have a loved one suffering from brain trauma. Zielasko commented that:

“I think the entire nation was truly inspired by Congresswoman Giffords’ resilience and unbridled dedication to overcoming the challenges she’s faced in her recovery from that terrible day in January 2011. ITEC is honored to partner with Congresswoman Giffords, a former tire dealer, to give back to the tire industry and recognize those who live and lead as fearlessly as she has.”


Gabby Giffords, who resigned from Congress in order to focus on her recovery, has vowed to return to a public office, once she is fully recovered. She states that:

“I have always strived to serve my community by giving 100 percent to every endeavor…and I enthusiastically support this award and its goal of recognizing those who inspire others through their dedication, hard work and ability to succeed without qualification.”

The award winner will receive a specially minted medal, symbolizing the motivation and inspiration that Gabby Giffords showed her community, as well as the entire nation. They will also receive a $5,000 reward to further their personal goals.

Click here for a video of Gabby Giffords’s statement to her constituents about her recovery and stepping down as a congresswoman: