Patrick Meagher And Stassi Schroeder Are Still Together

Patrick Meagher and Stassi Schroeder are still dating. Despite the lack of mentions and photos on social media, Schroeder confirmed Meagher was still her boyfriend during an airing of her Podcast, Straight Up With Stassi, on July 17.

On the show, Patrick Meagher's name was mentioned as a boyfriend of Schroeder's, whom she has not urinated in front of. While that was all that was said, it was enough to shoot down rumors of a possible split.

Patrick Meagher began dating Schroeder after she filmed the second season of Vanderpump Rules. At the time, Schroeder was fresh off a breakup and looking for a new start. Within weeks, she had moved to New York City to be with Meagher, and the pair remained on the east coast until months later, when they returned to Los Angeles for filming on season 3. While Patrick Meagher didn't appear on the show, he traveled to Los Angeles with his girlfriend because he had a job opportunity in town.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Schroeder claimed to be ready to marry Patrick Meagher months ago. During a March interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Schroeder said she'd say, "Yes," if Meagher was to get down on one knee.

"If tomorrow he proposed, I would be ready. We don't feel the need to experience more of life. We're settled. I don't need to meet new people. I don't need to go out. I don't need to be wild. We're at a point where we're really comfortable with our lives and the way it is. I can't imagine being single and I can't imagine not having him."
Also during the interview, Schroeder explained why Patrick Meagher was not involved in Vanderpump Rules season 3, despite the fact that they were dating at the time filming took place.
"I keep him separate from my job. He has nothing to do with it. It's not his thing. It's really important to have things be very separate. Why would he have anything to do with this show? He's a wonderfully kind 36-year-old professional with a great job and great head on his shoulders. He's not SUR material. It wouldn't make sense. I want to protect him."
Schroeder has since quit the show, claiming it was her decision to walk away from the drama and her co-stars, who she is no longer friends with.

Patrick Meagher remains silent in regard to his relationship with Schroeder.

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