Two Trains Collide In South Africa, Injuring Hundreds — Many Still Trapped In Train Cars

More than 300 people have been injured in a train crash near Johannesburg, South Africa. Two trains carrying hundreds of commuters collided on the tracks for unknown reasons, leaving many people trapped inside the damaged carriages.

According to the BBC, the train crash occurred at about 18:30 local time near the Booysens station south of South Africa’s biggest city. So far, no fatalities have been reported as a result of the collision, but many people have been severely injured. There were a number of children among the victims.

Authorities are unsure what caused the two trains to collide, but an investigation will follow after the staggering number of injuries have been treated. According to the Associated Press, spokeswoman Lillian Mofokeng claims both trains were travelling from Johannesburg to the township of Soweto during rush hour. Some reports claim the train crash was a result of a moving train running into a stationary one.

Nana Radebe, a spokesperson for the ER24 paramedic service, reported that 326 victims of the accident have been rushed to the local hospital, but others have been treated by paramedics at the scene of the train crash. The total number of commuters injured in the train crash exceeds 400.

“We’re seeing things like soft tissue injuries – and more serious issues like spinal injuries and fractures and breaks. The cause of the crash is currently under investigation… but we do know two trains collided and one was partially derailed.”

Firefighters are working to find and rescue people who are still trapped inside the train cars.

“For now we have removed people with minor to serious injuries, but none critical,” said Radebe.

“Our priority right now is just to attend to the injured and then arrange alternative transport,” said Mofokeng.

Roughly 100 passengers remained unharmed by the train crash and rode buses home.

Many people at the scene of the train crash took photos of the devastation and uploaded them to various social media websites. In the photos below, you can see injured passengers awaiting medical attention near the wreckage.

Check back for updates on the aftermath of the Johannesburg train crash, including information on the cause of the collision and the state of the survivors.

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[Images courtesy of the BBC and ER24]