Atomic Wedgie Killer Sentenced: Brad Lee Davis Gets 30 Years For Unusual M.O.

Aric Mitchell

Atomic wedgie killer Brad Lee Davis pled guilty in May to asphyxiating his stepfather after a drunken argument got out of control, and he has now learned his sentence.

The 35-year-old man was drinking with his 58-year-old stepfather, Denver Lee St. Clair, when a fight broke out over something that Davis alleges St. Clair said about his mother. After knocking St. Clair down, he then grabbed a handful of the elastic band and pulled upward so hard that it left ligature marks.

Somehow the atomic wedgie killer was able to get the elastic over his stepfather's head and around his neck. It's not known how long St. Clair suffered, but he eventually succumbed to what prosecutors said was a combination of asphyxiation and blunt force trauma.

Davis' attorney, Bob Wyatt, said that his client never intended to kill his stepfather, Yahoo! News reports.

The initial charge against Brad Lee Davis was first-degree murder, which could have carried with it a much stiffer sentence, possibly even the death penalty since Oklahoma is somewhat known for that per this U.S. News article.

The Inquisitr first reported on the atomic wedgie death in May 2015 in which Davis initially tried to explain his actions.

"I never had any intention of killing that man. There's no way I ever thought that could have happened," once the atomic wedgie was employed. "In the heat of passion while defending myself in a fight that got out of hand and went too far... It's like a bad dream."

In another version of events, the victim was struck violently in the face and head, the Shawnee News Star reported. Eventually, he fell unconscious and Brad pulled the underwear over his head; the elastic band tore and then was wrapped around the front of the deceased's neck. He died of asphyxiation.

This was the story Davis told investigators the day after the altercation that caused Denver's death. But 10 days after that, he changed his story and claimed that he punched him out after the wedgie. On Wednesday in court, he admitted to lying in his initial story.

"I knew that that wedgie was out of line," he said.

Either way, the point of the violent act was to embarrass his stepfather, who he claimed was a bully. His goal was to humiliate St. Clair when he woke up, and he even went as far as snapping a cell phone photo to ensure it. According to the Star, he allegedly took photos before the atomic wedgie and after, and testimony in court suggested that perhaps the crime scene had been changed.

With this month's sentencing, the former Marine will be 65-years-old when released.

Do you think 30 years for the atomic wedgie death is a suitable punishment or should Davis have gotten more? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image mug shot via Yahoo!, linked above]